How To Unleash Your Inner Superpower— Story

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Patric Moreau is a video success story. He's taken @stillmotion to some amazing levels and we've featured him (and his team) many times here on planet5D.

Recently, Patrick appeared on TED – no, not that silly hollywood movie – but TED – you know, the site with all of those amazing talks about everything!

Here's Patrick's speech.

By the way, if you haven't checked out the stillmotion MUSE project, you should! MUSE is training to teach you about story telling. But I'm not here to pitch this training to you (tho it was a convenient place to mention it LOL).

Heck, if you want to go in the way back machine, check out our interview of Patrick from 5 years ago! Gosh how things have changed 🙂

How To Unleash Your Inner Superpower— Story | Patrick Moreau | TEDxSalem

Meet Patrick Moreau, an Emmy-winning filmmaker

Patrick Moreau

Via TEDxSalem:

Patrick Moreau is a film­maker, a sto­ry­teller, an inno­va­tor and an Emmy-winner (five times over).

He had no inter­est in film, had never even picked up a cam­era, but two years into a psy­chol­ogy degree, some­thing changed.

“While in uni­ver­sity, I was learn­ing about all these cool, tough issues. I was really inter­ested in explor­ing why and how…different ways of liv­ing, how peo­ple approach the world,” Patrick said. “That led me to film­mak­ing. I fell in love with the idea of telling a story and its impact on people.”

Out of the blue, Patrick got a call from a poten­tial client. They were look­ing for some­one who could tell a story dif­fer­ently, with emotion.

“At the time, we were shoot­ing 30 to 40 wed­dings a year. One of our wed­dings went viral,” Patrick said.

That viral video helped Patrick’s com­pany, Still­mo­tion, land the gig to cre­ate “A Game of Honor,” a TV and web series for It doc­u­mented the NFL sea­son through episodic stories.

Read full article at TEDxSalem “Meet Patrick Moreau, an Emmy-winning filmmaker”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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