Dual Pixel Autofocus Makes It To A Smartphone! Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Have Canon’s Dual Pixel AF

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A first for a phone – Dual Pixel AF! The just announced Samsung Galaxy S7 has DPAF and great low light capabilities

Now there's some discussion bout whether this is really Canon's technology and Samsung doesn't really just say that it is Canon's but they do say in the video “uses the technology used in professional cameras” – which to me sure implies that it is Canon's DPAF.

So… it is interesting discussion about who's making this sensor… is it Canon or is Samsung just licensing the tech and putting it in their sensor, or did they ‘borrow' the concept and call it the same thing? Based on the legal battles they've had with Apple over the iPhone, I can't imagine they'd just use the same name without some agreement with Canon that exchanges money as well.

Notice too the low light differences in both videos. Impressive!

Tho I do note that I've seen reports that it shoots 4k, there's not been any mention of whether the DPAF is available in movie mode.


Ubergizmo has this demo of the Samsung S7 vs the iPhone 6s+ – and it almost makes me want to switch! Geez. The focus is fast!

UberGizmo's info

In a first for a mobile camera, 33% of the Samsung Galaxy S7 image sensor are able to contribute to phase-detection autofocus. This is rather extraordinary because even most full-size cameras don’t have that ability. This is made possible by dual-pixel diode technology.

You can read our complete explanation of Dual-Pixel Diode technology, but the idea is this: each pixel of the camera’s image sensor is split in two photodiodes (light sensors) that are just below a micro lens. Because of the separation, it is possible to use a Phase-Detection autofocus algorithm for every single pixel. In some ways, it’s like having 12 Million focus points on the sensor.

Invented by Canon around 2013 for its Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera, this technology in the camera sensor of the Galaxy S7. Canon says that Dual Pixel Diode technology increases autofocus speed by 80%. Since the Galaxy S6 phase-detection AF already had one of the fastest AF speed on the market, you can see how painful this can be for whoever doesn’t have this tech.

Source: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Review | Ubergizmo

And thanks to reader Domonic who popped in to alert me of this interesting news!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. it is interesting discussion about who’s making this sensor whether this is really Canon’s technology and Samsung doesn’t really just say that it is Canon’s but they do say in the video uses the technology used in professional cameras which is implies that it is Canon’s DPAF .

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