A Powerful And Sobering Homage To War Photographers: The Journalists We Take For Granted

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We currently live in a world that’s dominated by information and media. The advent of social media such as Facebook and Twitter has connected us to each other more than we’ve ever been in the past. With that connection, we’re also seeing a major schism between the media and the every day person.

For decades, in the United States, we trusted media personalities and the abbreviations ABC, CBS and NBC. Nowadays, we know more than we ever have and are thus very distrustful of the stories they tell us. Surprisingly, at the same time that we have seen this distrust grow and we’ve seen a decline in the amount of photographers that are out there, in the field collecting the actual truth.

This video, edited by the people at Reporters Without Borders, creates an complex and meaningful juxtaposition between what we see in the media and what the reality of war. It demonstrates the incredible need that we have for honest journalists.

“Without independent reporters, war would just be a nice show; support those that risk their lives to bring us the truth.”

War Reporters

Beautiful Homage to War Photographers

Via fstopppers:

Reporters Without Borders has released a wonderful video that demonstrates the importance of having impartial and unbiased coverage of war and conflicts. In the video they juxtapose images and video footage which popular media presents, with that of independent photojournalists, for a stark contrast that effectively displays the different messages both are trying to get across.

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