5 Years In The Making, “Skylight” Is Worth The Wait

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A reader sent in this video and I have to say it is very beautiful. 

Note: in case you missed it, you can catch our free replay of Ron Risman's webinar on timelapse here.

There's a fascination many of us have with making time speed up or slow down. Timelapse is a fantastic way to make us step back and see things in a different light (bad pun alert).

In this short, Chris Pritchard has captured some really beautiful moments and it only took him 5 years to do it. I especially loved the meteor smoke trail that he discusses in the long discussion he's posted on his site about the making of this video.

Meteor flashes thru Chris' timelapse "Skylight"

Meteor flashes thru Chris' timelapse “Skylight”


I’ve just released my new short film, Skylight. This timelapse film, presented in 4K, showcases some of the amazing sky shows I have been lucky enough to witness and capture over the years.

Whether in the city or a rural area, surrounded by nature or man-made things, the one constant is the sky. No matter our lifestyle or surroundings, we all share the same world above us. The sky holds the power to make a good view great, and to mesmerize us with the wonders of the world – within our atmosphere and beyond.

This film has been a long time in the making, and I am so happy to share this with the world and greatly appreciate everyone who takes the time to watch it, like it, or share it.

Source: Skylight | chrispzero – Thanks to Chris Parker for the tip


  1. My pleasure Mitch.  For the promotion of all that is beautiful on our amazing planet.

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