What Can We Expect From Canon At CES 2016?

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Speculation is what makes this game fun isn’t it? Well, when speculating about Canon, we’re left wondering a lot going into CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’ve seen quite a bit of commotion from them recently, most notably, rumblings of an EOS-1D X Mark II. Sad part is that it looks like we’ll have to wait until February to see this.

Also, there’s been talk about potentially seeing the next generation of the Canon 70D, but without any major rumors, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll see that either. In fact, it’s looking more and more like there aren’t any major announcements at all coming at CES. At Canonrumors.com, they’re speculating that we may see a couple PowerShot and VIXIA camcorder system announcements.

This isn’t the end of the story though, as Canon is usually pretty quiet with its large announcements during CES. Also, it is the Consumer Electronics Show, so yet again, it isn’t necessarily surprising that they’re focusing on their more consumer range cameras.

What is interesting about the Canon booth in 2016 are the 8k demos that they’re doing. Apparently, Canon has an 8k projection system that they’ll be showing off, demonstrating the, “Canon 8K Ride Experience where attendees can see the future of visual imaging and experience, firsthand, the physical and emotional reactions that take place when an 8K video projected on a large screen simulates a physical journey.”

While I won’t be attending CES 2016, if I were, I’d be headed to the Canon booth to check that out.

What to Expect Next Week at CES 2016

What to Expect Next Week at CES 2016

Via Canon Rumors:

At the beginning of December, we posted what we thought you could expect from Canon at CES 2016 in Las Vegas during the first week of January, and what we figured would be coming hasn’t changed.

We only expect a couple of PowerShot and perhaps VIXIA announcements.

As mentioned in the Canon press release, they’ll be doing a lot of 8K demoes, which stems from the 8K development announcement we saw at the Canon EXPO back in September. We expect to learn new things about Canon’s 8K future in April at NAB.

Read this article at Canon Rumors “What to Expect Next Week at CES 2016”

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  1. Actually Canon is leader with a quite big margin .. DSLR are probably more than 74% of the market of Camera with Interchangeable Lens in 2015 (cf CIPA informations)

    1) Canon have in the first one hundred sharpest lens more than 80% of the sharpest combo lens+body of the market (cf DXO sharpness ranking), 
    2) Actual 8K monitors need 4 HDMI 2.0 cables working in parallel
    3) Actual jpg format can’t handle more than 8EV dynamic  and best and most expensive monitors can’t handle more than 10EV dynamic (compressing 12EV or more dynamic in 8EV give really terrific HDR results that even photoshop beginners won’t do)
    4) In jan 2016 they still have the most powerfull body of the market with the 1Dx .. probably Nikon will get the leadership with the D5 before Canon announce the 1DxII . As sony’s management explained it the A7R with FE mount can’t handle many type of lenses (like supertele) and they are obliged to keep FA line for a long moment.
    So not sure Canon as to be in a hurry to announce new model !

  2. Canon has many advancements under their belt.  We always want them to do more and be quick about it.  

    It would be nice if Canon would take the 5D Mark III to h.265 so it could produce the kind of sharp RAW video files that Magic Lantern enables it to do already.  

    But, in my humble opinion, there are many agendas at Canon for their different product lines and I think Canon wants semi-pro and pro cinematographers to buy the c100, c300 and c500.  Hence they’re not embellishing the 5D Mark series any more for video filmmakers.  

    (If you don’t know what astoundingly sharp and high dynamic range the 5D Mark III can do when unleashed by Magic Lantern, please see the tests we did of 5D Mark III’s outputting h.264 vs RAW video enabled by Magic Lantern. vimeo.com/74455311 

    The test has almost 10,000 views, but many DPs are unaware of Magic Lantern and/or don’t want the hassle of converting RAW DNGs to tiffs and importing those into the timeline as stills.  

    I’m a Canon lover, and I’ll be the first to cheer if Canon wants to run the table with a game-changing camera like the 5D Mark II did. The 5D Mark II launched multiple careers, excitement in Hollywood, more camera lines by empowering filmmakers around the world.  I just think the marketing plan is just going a different direction. Hence the XC10 etc.  Maybe Canon will roll out a mirrorless stunner.  Hope so.

  3. To oversimplify the matter… companies — especially large ones — are reluctant to produce highly advanced products that quickly render existing models obsolete.

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