Renting Just Got a Lot Easier! CameraLends Launches iPhone App

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Renting gear in the USA just got a lot easier!

We've mentioned CameraLends several times before and I'll be damned if I haven't made the time to get my gear in there, but I'm going to now.

Their new iPhone app hit the Apple store today and it should add to their growing service.

I can't believe how quickly they've grown and expanded – just look at that map below!

I've downloaded and tried the app this morning and it is super easy (tho I've already sent in a suggestion or two) – so if you're looking for gear to rent for your next assignment, download the app and give it a try!

Oh, and if you have gear lying around gathering dust (and who doesn't?), sign up and list your gear. They have all kinds of protection for you and you can possibly earn some extra income!

CameraLends Launching First Ever Mobile App for Renting Photography and Video Gear from Locals

Via CameraLends Press:

San Francisco, CA. CameraLends, the only national peertopeer sharing community for photography and video equipment, is releasing the first ever mobile app exclusively on iPhone to rent gear on the go.

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Launching nationwide in May 2015 the CameraLends community has quickly expanded from a few core cities (San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles), to thousands of members and listings in 600+ cities across the United States.

cameralends spread

With a wide variety of inventory ranging from professional RED cameras and Leica lenses, to midrange Canon C100, Sony A7S and Blackmagics, to GoPros and drones, the CameraLends mobile app will make it easier for photographers and filmmakers to find and rent the gear they need on location, while staying within budget and helping to support the local creative community.

Cameralends app image 2

Cameralends app image 1
Filmmakers and photographers are frequently on location, and finding gear that is conveniently in the neighborhood can be difficult. With 30% of traffic on already on mobile, the CameraLends iOS app will vastly improve the renting experience for the majority of visitors on an Apple device (70%).

The CameraLends mobile app is now available to download exclusively for iPhone on the Apple App Store. Download today.


About CameraLends

CameraLends was launched by Adam Derewecki in January 2013, listing cameras and lenses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Designed for freelance photographers and filmmakers, CameraLends is a marketplace that connects professionals who own gear with verified renters. Since launching, CameraLends has rapidly grown to 600+ locations across the United States, with thousands of community members and listings.

Cameras and lenses can be very pricy, but there’s a minimum bar of quality that professionals need for paid gigs. Until they can justify purchasing it themselves, they’re looking for ways to rent topshelf gear on the cheap. And as soon as they own nice gear, they can immediately start earning back on their investment by lending it riskfree within the community. The CameraLends Guarantee protects owners in the event of damage or loss, so there’s no downside to lending.

In July 2014, CameraLends participated in the Hackers and Founders Startup Incubator based in Mountain View, California.

(cover photo credit: snap from CameraLends Press)


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