Long-Awaited Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Professional OVF/EVF Camera Plus X70, X-E2s, XF 100-400 Telephoto Zoom & More to be Announced January 14 EST

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I have been keeping a keen eye on developments in Fujifilm’s APS-C camera and lens line-up ever since buying the then revolutionary rangefinder-style fixed-lens camera, the Fujifilm Finepix X100. I still have the X100 although I don’t carry it as often I would like, and I should definitely be using it far more than I currently do. Its colors continue to amaze me.

The work I was doing at the time I bought it and subsequently, though, demanded more than just one lens, as remarkable as the X100’s 35mm equivalent 23mm fixed lens is. I tried out the Fujifilm XT-1 and write about it for one of my first articles for planet5D.com.

The XT-1 is also a remarkable camera, but I had been hoping for the long-awaited update to Fujifilm’s first interchangeable else rangefinder-style camera, the X-Pro1. I had briefly tried an X-Pro1 out, then passed on it. The biggest bugbear for me? No built-in viewfinder diopter correction.

Fuji eventually came out with a set of interchangeable diopter correction lenses, none of which were close enough for my eyesight. By then I was paying serious attention to what Panasonic was up to in hybrid cameras capable of producing professional quality video and learned the GH4 would soon be on its way. The rest is history: I bought a GH4, then a GX8, while keeping my X100 for special occasions.

All the while I pined for a really good, professional quality interchangeable lens rangefinder-style camera with an excellent optical view finder (OVF). OVF-less, EVF rangefinder-style cameras like the GX8 allow me to get 90% closer to how I really want to shoot stills but an OVF remains the essential last ingredient.

Why? I trained my eye and shutter finger and formed my photographic style on Leica M-series rangefinder cameras and 120 roll film rangefinder cameras made by Plaubel Makina, Fujifilm and Mamiya as well as rangefinder-equipped 4”x5” sheet film hand-or-stand cameras.

There is, believe me, a big difference between what you can achieve gazing into deep space with an optical viewfinder and what you can do while staring at even the best electronic viewfinder like the one in the GX8. Precision timing of the shutter release is the very least of it.

So it was with a sense of relief that I received the rumor reports at Fuji Rumors about Fujifilm’s coming announcement of the X-Pro2 and plenty more on January 14 at 11:30pm New York time. Given the time zone differences, I will not be staying up to watch but I will be checking Fuji Rumors’ live blogging efforts, hoping the X-Pro2 will be everything I was looking for way back in 2012.


If it is at all possible to revive the too-long-dormant stills photography career that I so loved before succumbing to extreme photochemical dermatitis, then I will definitely be seeking to do it with a couple of X-Pro2s at my side. As well as my GH4 and GX8.

Meanwhile here is what appears to be coming in the January 14 (January 15 here) Fujifilm product announcement, courtesy of the good folks at Fuji Rumors.

  • X-Pro2 – Flagship rangefinder-style camera with retro appearance, 24.3 million pixels, no low-pass filter, Wi-Fi control, dust-proof, splash-proof, optical hybrid viewfinder.
  • X70 – Large aperture (f/2.8) super wide angle (28mm equivalent in 35mm), self-flipping touch (tilting touch screen), Wi-Fi control, street beat artifact (?), film color (analog-simulating photo styles for JPEGs), optional external viewfinder.
  • WCL-X70 – wide angle convertor for X70 camera (converting from 28mm equivalent to 24mm or 21mm equivalent?).
  • VF-X21 Original Fujifilm external optical viewfinder – hotshot-mounted viewfinder when using WCL-X70 convertor on the X70? Name suggests it converts 28mm equivalent fixed lens to 21mm equivalent.
  • X-E2s – retro rangefinder-style design, travel portable, no low-pass filter, electronic viewfinder (EVF), Wi-Fi Share, film color (in JPEGs), with X-E2 firmware pre-installed.
  • XF100-400 – premium telephoto zoom lens, (aperture range unspecified on Fujifilm X Mount Lens Roadmap released in February 2015), 152-609mm 35mm equivalent, 5-stop image stabilization, 21 elements in 14 groups, water-resistant, dust-resistant, operates in temperatures as low as 14-degrees Fahrenheit (-10-degrees Celsius), removable tripod mount.
  • X-E2 firmware 4.0 – contains new, faster autofocus system.
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Last Second Rumors: X-Pro2 for $/€ 1,799 :: X-E2 FW announcement on the 15th :: X70 maybe not €800 … and more!

Via FujiRumors:

I will collect everything worth to be shared in the for sure most challanging live blogging session I ever had here on FujiRumors, on January 14th at 23:30 PM New York Time. Just stay tuned on FR, refresh the page, and enjoy the latest updates about the X-Pro2, X70, X-E2s, XF100-400, the EF-X500 Flash and X-E2 FW 4.00.

In the last 2 months FujiRumors has shared over 60 rumor articles and even more specs & details about all the upcoming X-gear. It was truely a strenuous rumor-marathon… but an exctiting one, thanks to the amazing FR-sources and the FR-community! 🙂

Now, I don’t pretend all these specs/rumors to be 100% correct (I’m FujiRUMORS not FujiFACTS). Two or three rumors might not be 100% correct. So it’s time for some last second clarifications/correction.

  1. A source asked me to clarify that on the 15th of January Fujifilm will announce the X-E2 FW 4.00, and not release it (maybe it will come along with the X-T1 FW scheduled for late January?). I’m sorry if in the rumor marathon of these days, also written after a surgery and with high fever, I’ve maybe mistaken “announced” with “coming”.
  2. I’ve got a hint (thanks!) that the X70 price could be different to the one rumored here on FujiRumors (I said “around €800” here). Let’s hope it will be cheaper.
  3. I’ve told you that the X-Pro2 shipping could start on the 4th (see here). I believe the embargo is on the 4th, but now a new source told me it could eventually be the 5th of February. Anyway, everything is pointing towards a very early February shipping

That’s it… about all the other 60+ rumors/specs I’ve shared in the last 2 months I don’t change a single thing 😉

And here are some last second rumors:

  • X-Pro2 could cost $/€1799, which would fit with what rumored earlier here.
  • The X-E2s will have an “Auto” button instead an “Fn2” button like on the X-E2 – source: X-E2s video promo

Fujifilm X-Pro2 image

LIVE-STREAMING for Fujifilm X-Pro2 Announcement!

Via FujiRumors:

A FR-reader took a look behind the code of the official Fujifilm X-Pro2 countdown and discovered that…. Fujifilm is preparing a live streaming for the 5th anniversary.

The live streaming link? It’s this one. But don’t worry, you’ll get it all again on the special Live Blogging Day here on FujiRumors on January 14 at 11:30 PM New York Time

Read more at FujiRumors.

(cover photo credit: snap from source in post)

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