LapseWorld Wants To Teach You How To Shoot TimeLapses and Then Show Them To The World!

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Timelapses, as content, have an ability unlike any other. They have the ability to give you the entire scope of a location along with all of the emotions that go along with being there in just a few short seconds.

Obviously, this doesn’t replace the act of actually going to these locations, but especially in the case of projects like LapseWorld, it feels like going on a mini-vacation. Photography and cinematography alone have these capabilities, but it’s just not the same.

LapseWorld is a project created for the sole purpose of documenting these five major cities with timelapses and compiling them all together to create these videos. All in all, they have created a forty-five minute video of ten second timelapses and obviously created many small videos from that content.

The catalyst for the project has been the internet, but what I like about this site is that they’re not just recruiting people who they know or that have done amazing work. On the site they give you tutorials on how to shoot and edit your timelapses, even going so far as to showing you how to add some cool effects.

While timelapse projects seem to be a dime a dozen these days, LapseWorld has carved a small niche into that universe and created something unique and special.


Via Triggertrap:

In October 2015, Triggertrap brought together photographers in London, New York, Milan, San Francisco and Cape Town for a series of timelapse events. LapseWorld invited photographers to create an incredible timelapse video of their own city in just one day, which when combined would form LapseWorld. LapseWorld captures the atmosphere, diversity and pace of the cities, as well as focusing on the sights you would expect to see.

Over 65,000 photographs were captured across the five events, amounting to almost an hour of video footage, which was then condensed into a three minute film.

As well as producing LapseWorld, Triggertrap also assembled timelapse films for each of the individual cities which were involved.

See more of their timelapses and learn more about Lapseworld.

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Via Triggertrap:

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