It’s at Times Like This That the Sony a7s II is Untouchable: Norway by Moonlight

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I loved the Sony a7s II when I got to try it out in October, but we gave its sibling the a7r II “gear of the year” kudos instead because it is a better all-rounder. Still, I don’t think the a7r II can provide images this clean at ISOs this high.

When a camera encourages you to do things and allows you to see things you otherwise wouldn’t, it enters the rarefied atmosphere of “extraordinary.”

That Mario Marez was able to capture this kind of footage for equipment priced this low is every bit as extraordinary.


Norway by Moonlight

Via Youtube Description:

My first video in five years. It's documenting some of the moonlit nights during a photography workshop with I have been a landscape photographer for five years now, and decided to start making small videos about those things that interest me. Norway is a landscape photographers dream. did an amazing job at providing the best workshop for all of us in our group.

Didn't expect to get it posted on Thank you to the kind administrator(s) who did! To answer some of the technical questions I will list what I used below. Thankful to Sony company making it affordable to get footage with their new internal 4K cameras, this was possible, and not possible just a few years ago. Go Sony and keep pushing technology to the limits!

Sony A7SII for camera. Rokinon 24mm 1.5 Cine EF with Metabones adapter, and 14mm Rokinon f/2.8, Sony 55mm f/1.8, and GLidecam 2000 with some help of Adobe Premiere CC “warp stabilizer” for opening scene. Gitzo tripod with pan tilt manfrotto head.
ISO- between 20,000- 40,000
CIne 4 profile and Slog3 Profile 8

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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