Behind The Scenes Of A Star Wars Fan Short: Collaboration Is Key

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Collaboration is key in every level of life. You have to be good at working with others and utilizing their talents in the best way possible. No other place is this more important than in the film industry. When creating a film, no matter the length, you’re forced to work with others creatively and create something that’s more than just the sum of all parts.

In this video posted by the Ronnie Shalvis YouTube channel, we see this type of collaboration fully realized. The Behind the Scenes video for their Star Wars: The Flow Awakens video shows what’s possible when you work together: Great VFX, fantastic fight choreography and stylized cinematography.

What I think is so fun about these productions, and just making a film in general is that at the beginning of any production, the challenges you’ll face seem insurmountable. However, if you work well with others and others are willing, the possibilities are almost endless. Watch the actual video here, and then check out the Behind the Scenes. Then go out there and make that short that you’ve been procrastinating about!

Behind The Scenes – Star Wars Parkour – The Flow Awakens

Star Wars Parkour Battle – The Flow Awakens

Via Youtube Description:

The Flow Awakens as Jedi’s and Sith use their powerful parkour and light saber skills to fight to the death.

Huge thanks to Freakin Rad! Check out their Channel:

Cinematography: Boston McConnaughey and Eric Pasternak
VFX: Zeb Jackson and Sam Hudgins

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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