AXIOM Beta Hardware Is Complete– A Huge Milestone For This Open Source Camera!

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The apertus AXIOM beta is one of the coolest projects that I’ve seen in a long time, and the work and progress made since the last time I checked in is extraordinary.

While there isn’t a lot to say about the camera itself yet since color hasn’t been calibrated and there still are some issues with artifacts and fixed pattern noise, I can say that it certainly looks like they’re on the right path. The detail and sharpness captured in some of the images they’ve recorded are truly exciting. To think that they’re not even close to being done? I can't wait to see what they do.

The idea of an open source camera is pretty incredible to most of us in the industry, including myself. Hacking camera with tools like Magic Lantern has inspired a new generation of artists to create their own cameras, and AXIOM is the perfect example of this work ethic.

Check out the developments that they’ve made thus far and make sure to keep up to date with what they’re doing, even if you’re buying the camera or not. I love a good underdog story.

AXIOM Team Talk – Volume 8

AXIOM Beta hardware complete – First Moving AXIOM Beta Images – Team Talk 8

Via Apertus:

We have reached a major milestone: The hardware designs for the AXIOM Beta are complete! This means that the electronics and the PCB designs have passed all tests so far and everything is working fine. There is still a small chance though that we will discover minor problems with certain components in the future.

First Moving AXIOM Beta Images

Upgrades and replacements of certain boards are still planned for adding new dedicated features and increasing performance but these will be future projects and not something we will be working on anytime soon. We already started production of the first small batch of Early Betas for developers and early adopters.

Automated assembly doesn’t make sense from an economic POV for such a low volume so these boards are being assembled manually by our team. This means the process takes a bit longer but every camera will be 100% hand crafted in return. Check out the electronics assembly process in the Team Talk 8 video.

Read full article at Apertus “AXIOM Beta hardware complete – First Moving AXIOM Beta Images – Team Talk 8”

(cover photo credit: snap from Apertus)


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