3DR Fires Another Shot Across DJI’s Bow with Smart Shots Update

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3D Robotics had a great idea but flew smack into a buzz saw named DJI when it launched the Solo: DJI got out their version of Smart Shots (called Intelligent Flight mode) faster than 3DR got their version of a production gimbal into the market. Still, to 3DR’s credit they’re now extending Smart Shots functionality. I wonder how soon DJI will respond?

Innovation is a tough thing.

Not only is successful innovation a function of doing something new, it’s a function of doing something fast, big and defensible.

3DR gave DJI too much wiggle room when it launched its Solo quadcopter without a gimbal against the DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K: DJI is not the kind of company you want to give (to mix metaphors) much daylight.

But I’m happy that 3DR is keeping the pressure on with its latest update to Smart Shots, and I wish them well. It can only be good for all of us (with the possible exception of DJI).

Multipoint Cable Cam & Follow w/ Free Look for Solo

New Solo Features Announced at CES

Via 3DR:

We designed Solo so the drone you buy today will just get better. This latest software release is a big one, and it does what we want all of our releases to do: It makes every Solo out there a better Solo.

The new Smart Shot functionality in this release — Multipoint cable cam and Follow with Free Look — extends the platform’s four existing Smart Shots. The release will be available this spring to all Solo users in a free wireless update.

Multipoint Cable Cam

New 3DR Solo Features Announced at CES

Multipoint cable cam extends cable cam’s original automated beginning-to-end design. Now you can design cables that run between an unlimited number of keyframes. This allows you to set shots looking in any direction from multiple points in space. Solo automatically adds spline curves to each keyframe for a smooth approach and exit, so your camera movement will feel professional and polished.

Solo also saves every cable cam that you create right to your app. Browse by date, location or names you give them. And cable cam’s new Timed Travel feature offers even more control. Adjust the time of your cable flight in the app to put the camera exactly where you want it, exactly when you want it there.

Follow w/ Free Look

Follow with Free Look

Free Look turns Follow into an interactive experience. When you enter Free Look you uncouple the camera from your Follow subject, but the copter keeps following. Take control of the camera whenever you want, panning and tilting to look around freely while remaining completely confident in the copter’s position and directional heading.

Learn more about the 3DR Solo.

(cover photo credit: snap from 3DR)


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