The SNOW Camera Stabilizer: The Only Mechanical Competitor of Electronic Brushless Gimbals

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I found this on kickstarter – yep, another stabilizer. 

This is much ‘lower end' than a MōVI or a Defy full gimbal rig – but many of you can't afford those big rigs so maybe this is just the thing for you?

I know Devin Graham (who cranks out a lot of DSLR video and we've featured him many times here on planet5D) uses a glidecam – which there's even a signature series now – but this appears to be a step up from the single handle to having 2.

Would that help you?

Currently up on Indiegogo.

SNOW Camera Stabilizer – Overview

SNOW Camera Stabilizer features



SNOW is the first and only mechanical competitor of electronic brushless gimbals. It was designed by experienced professionals specially for indie filmmakers and YouTubers.

SNOW gives you the ability to take as long shots as you want while providing smooth camera movements and perfect horizons.
Do you want stills or steady shots?
Use SNOW as a mobile tripod in your hands.

SNOW is an all in one universal camera rig for flawless camera operations. It is definitely a game changer in its class.

SNOW Camera Stabilizer Features

SNOW Camera Stabilizer techspecs

The soul of SNOW is the patent-pending balancer tank. Our invention eliminates the ‘pendulum effect' when shooting with other counterweighted gimbals. The magic is in the tank, water is used as counterweight. In the swinging tank the damped flowing fluid changes the center of gravity while forces the rig to stay vertical.

The twin-grip system gives you absolute freedom of handling without cramping your arms. Camera operation could not be easier. Just follow your target and don't worry about shaking.
Making a difficult Long Take is easy with SNOW

Camera mounting can be done in seconds. Simply place your camera on the plate and fix it with a standard screw. It is compatible with all common dslr, bridge and video cameras up to 5 lbs / 2 kg.

Camera plate can be positioned precisely at X and Y axes. The Z balance depends on the vertical position of the balancer tank. Overall balancing time is under 1 minute.

PAN via automated follow mode. The camera slowly follows the rig's direction thanks to the built in magnetic dampers.
TILT axis can be changed with your fingertips. While you hold the grips you can smoothly tilt the rig.
ROLL axis is always vertical when shaking the grips, but you can slightly change it too by twisting the rig.

SNOW does not require any special maintenance.
No electronics, no cables, no batteries, no calibration issues.
The rig is waterproof, shock resistant and heat resistant.
Operating temperature: -5°F to 110°F ( -20°C to 45°C ) *

Learn more about Snow Camera Stabilizer.
Buy Snow on Indiegogo.

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