The Luna – A 360 Camera for Everyone

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When the GoPro took the world by storm several years ago, we were not only entranced by the durability of the camera and surprised by the quality it produced, we were also drawn in by its distinctive look. That wide angle lens says, “GoPro.” The brand is practically synonymous with the look. We’ve seen a new evolution of this recently, with a slight mutation.

Wide angle, three hundred and sixty degree video. What’s more is that there are plenty of reasons to believe that this is not even remotely close to a flavor of the month. This is a lasting trend that will impact communication and become an important piece in an artist and filmmaker’s toolbox.

The Luna, currently being funded on Indiegogo is a new iteration of the popular 360 degree cameras currently on the market. It’s more portable, and indeed takes many queues from its cousin, the GoPro. It’s durable, incredibly portable and made for ease of use. The little unique touches, aesthetic and futuristic feeling technology are the places where the Luna shines.

Looking like a Pokeball, the Luna is a self contained unit, never intended to be opened. You charge the device through a magnetic port and transfer footage using a similar magnet method. Further, there are not ¼ 20 mounts on this camera. There are no clips or knuckles. It’s again, magnetic. The monopod that you can purchase with the Luna is an arm with a strong magnet on the end. These elements tend to sound as if they lean towards a lack of functionality, but somehow, the Luna looks and sounds incredibly accessible.

That accessibility does come with a price though. The Luna isn’t in the same universe as the GoPro in terms of visual fidelity. The video shown in their Indiegogo campaign is slick, and shows off the practical ways that you can utilize the Luna, yet doesn’t wow the way that GoPro is famous for.

Don’t let this deter you. The Luna carries a torch into a whole new field that GoPro and the other 360 degree camera guys haven’t. Live streaming, which is just an incredibly useful application of this technology. While I haven’t used it, it seems as if it’s stupid simple to use, as well. Also, while it’s still in a crude stage of production, the Luna has shown a slant towards Virtual Reality which will only gain steam over the coming years.

All in all, the Luna delivers in the ways that it needs to in order to set itself apart from the competition. While they have already exceeded their fundraising goals, this is still a great opportunity to purchase your Luna at a great discount.

Luna – A 360 Camera for Everyone

Luna camera

Via Indiegogo:

Luna is a 360° camera designed for everyone. Handy, and with a single-button operation, Luna makes shooting in 360° as easy as taking photos with your phone.

Using a dual 190° fish-eye lens technology, Luna has no moving parts, allowing it to be small and sturdy. Waterproof, with gyro-stabilization, and a host of accessories, Luna is a perfect companion for your adventures, memories, and creativity.

In built wi-fi allows you to interactively preview 360° footage on your smartphone, immediately and wirelessly save it on your devices, share it on social media, and even live-stream moments in 360°. With Luna Cardboard and Luna’s mobile app, you can even view your videos in immersive virtual reality.

No camera rigs. No stitching. No cables. 360° video at the click of a button.

Luna specs

360° VIDEO Shot with Luna

(360 video is currently supported on Chrome and on the YouTube mobile app.)

360° videos are an exciting new medium. By letting the viewer decide where to look, 360° videos create an interactive, immersive environment.

Today, to shoot high quality 360° video, one needs expensive, bulky camera rigs and complicated stitching software. We’ve built Luna to make 360° video accessible to everyone.

Learn more about the Luna 360 Camera at their Indiegogo Campaign.

(cover photo credit: snap from Indiegogo)


  1. OK, the LUNA 360 is cool but what I really want to know is, how did they do that super cool video introducing the 360?  That one, long dolly move along that long table is fantastic!  Did they use a table-top dolly being pulled by a motor?…a doorway dolly on track off to the side with the camera on a jib arm on the dolly ands the arm suspended over the table?  Your thoughts?

  2. stantod that’s a damn good question! That video was one of the things that got me hooked on this story… and it shows the power of a great video for your fundraising effort! Their actual demo videos aren’t as impressive as that promo.

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