Sony Rumors Circulating About ANOTHER, “Very High End” Camera

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Sony has been going mad releasing new cameras as of date. The A7s, A7Sii the A7rii, FS7, FS5 and RX10 are not just small additions to their lineup. Through any other manufacturers, they’d be large ticket items. While this hasn’t been openly confirmed by a representative at Sony, the writers over at SonyAlphaRumors are genuinely confident that we will see a new, “revolutionary” camera from Sony within the next 6 months.

Speculating on what this could be is impossible at this point simply because manufacturers would OBVIOUSLY say that their new release is revolutionary. What is interesting to me is that this seems as if it’s a new camera in their lineup, not an upgrade to a pre-existing body. This implication changes the nature of the release and adds a few more question marks to what is possible.

Sony’s release of cameras has exceeded the demand for new technology so much that you really don’t know what to expect from this. In fact, you have to assume that this model isn’t based on what people have been asking for since their most recent releases. They wouldn’t have had the time.

The release is shrouded even farther when they call this camera, “very high end.” The way that Sony has dipped into the photography and cinematography pools in recent months also has me wondering. Is this a medium format targeted camera or are we looking at a professional DP’s dream?

Personally, it’s hard for me to look at the Sony lineup and see a spot that needs to be filled. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t exist, but for it to be as incredible as they’re boasting, it must have some truly mind-boggling technology. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to know what it is they’re cooking up. We’re supposed to see a lot more info in the second half of the financial year, which means by at least March. Can you wait until then?

(SR4) Sony is ready to launch a new “secret” high end camera!

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Via SonyAlphaRumors:

A new “secret” camera model (Top trusted Source 1):
One of my very top trusted sources who shared the correct A68 info confirmed there is a new A6xxx camera coming. But more importantly he told me this: Sony told him they have a new “secret” camera model. It’s “secret” because very few people know about it. Out side Sony Tokyo no Sony employee or manager knows about that camera. He told me: “I heard Special Model but all I know is that it will be released in the second half of the financial year. This means between October and March.”

The same source shared correct info in the past so I am pretty certain Sony will launch that camera (if they do not delay it like the A6xxx). Now the big question, what is that camera? I am yet not sure but a second reliable source shared some insight many months ago.

Read full article at SonyAlphaRumors “(SR4) Sony is ready to launch a new “secret” high end camera!”

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