Redrock Micro Releases Three Mini-Sized, Mini-Priced Rigs for Mirrorless Moviemaking & I Am Excited

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Redrock Micro has just released Mini Mirrorless, a new line of rigs designed for the ever-growing army of independent all-in-one solo moviemakers.

Made mini in size and weight for the current generation of mirrorless aka DSLM hybrid cameras, the Mini Mirrorless range is also mini in affordability and should be within reach of most of us. I have already added the Mini Handheld Rig to my moviemaking wishlist.

The three Mini Mirrorless rigs are available now for purchase directly from Redrock Micro’s online store, and will be appearing soon at other online and bricks-and-mortar retailers.

I have seen quite a few miniature rigs for DSLR and mirrorless cameras come and go over the years since Canon released the 5D Mark II, and most of them were standalone, self-contained devices that could not be modified to accommodate ever-changing needs and camera form factors.

Others were assembled out of parts belonging to a larger rigging ecosystem originally intended for camcorders and cinema cameras. Without the means to rent rigs in order to work out the best solution for my particular needs, that I might then invest in, I have played it safe and stuck with lower-end, far cheaper, handholding solutions like Joby’s Gorillapod Focus with BallHead X.

The Gorillapod does its intended job well and is a terrifically versatile small, bendy on-location tripod. Constantly bending it radically out of shape to act as a handheld rig can push things just a little too far, apparently, as other moviemakers have discovered.

Some have reported they are onto their second or third Gorillapod-as-rig. Mine has survived so far, touch aluminum and rubber, but more because I have taken it easy and used it less than I should have. I can’t keep replacing products that I am using in ways not intended by their makers.

Cue Redrock Micro’s Mini Mirrorless. According to the press release, the Mini Handheld Rig is a fast, stable run-and-gun rig with three points of contact.


RedRock Micro’s three new Mini Mirrorless rigs. From top: Mini Handheld Rig, Mini Studio Rig and Mini Shoulder Rig.

In common with all three mini rigs, it is made of parts belonging to Redrock’s bigger ecosystem so anything that needs replacing or upgrading can be. And it is reassuring to know that, if I need to graduate to a shoulder rig or a matte box and rails for studio use, the Mini Shoulder Rig and Mini Studio Rig are waiting in the wings.

I have not tried out any Redrock Micro products yet but have heard good things from those who should know. I do have one concern about the Mini Handheld Rig that is not allayed by the photographs and videos I have seen so far. Will it work for the many variations of the female form as well as it appears to for flat-chested males?

As recent events like Screen Australia’s announcement of their Gender Matters (gender matters screen Australia) program remind us, women continue to be under-catered-for in the movie and television industries and that lack of female inclusion permeates all aspects from employment through funding to hardware.

I hope Redrock will take a leaf from Screen Australia’s book and become a little more more female-inclusive in its marketing messages and especially its videos and product demo photography. Right now I am on the fence about investing hard-earned personal funds in a Mini Handheld Rig. I have to be really sure that it will do the job and work with my body shape and needs as much as the gentleman in the video.

I have been told that “every part of the rig is adjustable to your comfort”. That is great to hear but I really need to be shown, not just told. And I much prefer to be shown another woman doing just that, adjusting every part of the rig to her comfort. [bctt tweet=”Redrock Micro releases 3 mini-sized, mini-priced rigs for mirrorless moviemaking & I am excited.”]

New miniRigs for mirrorless cameras from Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro Mini Mirrorless Rigs

Mini handheld rig Mini shoulder rig

Mini Studio rig

(cover photo credit: snap from Redrock Micro)

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