New Lumu Kickstarter Ending December 30: iPhone Meets Sekonic C-700

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Lumu opens a new Kickstarter project to add color spectrometer functionality to their original app, complete with new, more sensitive sensor. Based on my review of the original Lumu, I’m betting 1) it will do what they say it will; and 2)  this may be enough to dissuade many of us us from purchasing the vastly more expensive Sekonic C700 [B&H|Amazon]. Which is great for Lumu and us, but too bad for Sekonic – because the Sekonic C-700 is awesome.

I first reviewed the Lumu back in September 2014. I wrote then:

“…I like the team and I liked the product…

But like just about everyone else, I already have a perfectly adequate and more convenient light meter built into every picture-taking device I own for the work I do….

In the end, I imagine the Lumu is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for the photographer in your life because it will make him or her a more thoughtful artist.

And maybe a better photographer.”

This stands in pretty sharp contrast to my review of the Sekonic C-700 color spectrometer — a very different animal — in which I waxed poetic about the similarities between it and a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Electric guitar. I wrote:

“Oh, baby! They’re both nose-bleed high beyond most mortals’ capabilities, but getting your hands on one – even for a day – will make you better at what you do.”

Lumu Power purports to do essentially the same thing, though I'm guessing in a “lite” version — it remains to be seen just how fully featured the app is. Still, credit is due: with 17 days to go (at the time this article was written), Lumu have already raised 600% of their original $30,000 goal of bringing a color spectrometer to the almost-masses.

With a pledge of $199 or more, you’ll be in line to receive one of the first Lumu Power Packs. They expect it to retail at $299 once it’s launched.

I think that’s very, very cool.

Visit their campaign here.

Lumu Power – a Light Meter for the Future

Via Kickstarter:

Lumu Power is the light, exposure, flash and color temperature meter for the iPhone. One device with power of many. Express yourself!

Lumu power JPG

Color Temperature, White Balance, Flash and Ambient Exposure or Illuminance. You can measure all of them with one simple device and one simple app.

Lumu power 2

New Lumu app knows the orientation of the Lumu Power. It opens the right measuring mode automatically.

Learn more about Lumu Power at their Kickstarter Campaign page.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)

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