FCPX Editor Alex Gollner Releases His Alex4D Animation Transitions – $10-Off Discount Closes Tuesday November 10

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I must have collected close to every single one of the many free Final Cut Pro X plug-ins  released by designer-turned-editor Alex Gollner under the Alex4D moniker over the years. They are the first plug-in collection I install on any new editing machine. And they get quite a bit of use.

In cinematographer Rick Young’s recent interview with him, Mr. Gollner shared that “when I meet Final Cut editors, I often hear that they use my plugins every day”. Little wonder. Free and top quality: what is to complain about?

So when I came across mention on Twitter that Noise Industries’ FxFactory plug-in vending operation, “The App Store for Visual Effects”, has just released Alex4D’s very first commercial FCPX plug-in collection named Alex4D Animation Transitions, I headed straight over to FxFactory to download the free trial.

Not soon after, I slapped my credit card down, as it were, and paid for them. They are that good. No, they are great, and dead useful.

I have been looking for a quick and easy, non-keyframe way of animating elements including logos, text, graphics and video clips within FCPX projects and Alex4D Animation Transitions has almost everything that we have wanted for some time.

Alex4D Animation
This plug-in set is going to get a lot of use around here. As Rick Young learned during his interview, “using transitions is much simpler than using keyframes” and Alex4D aka Alex Gollner explains the many other advantages of the route he took when creating his Animation Transitions.

Right now FxFactory is running a US$10-off discount, making for a temporarily reduced price of US$39.00 instead of the usual US$49.00. The discount, Mr. Gollner tells me, runs until this tomorow, Tuesday November 10.

To learn more about what Alex4D Animation Transitions can do and especially how they can be customized if you wish, watch the videos and download the 32-page in-depth PDF manual. Or try before you buy. [bctt tweet=”Editor Alex Gollner releases Alex4D Animation Transitions – $10-off discount closes November 10.”]

Tutorials and Demos

Via FxFactory:

Final Cut Pro X Animation Transitions

Alex4D Animated Transitions Tutorial

Final Cut Pro X Animation Transitions for Lower Thirds

Check out Alex4D Animation Transitions Products and all tutorials and demo HERE.

(cover photo credit: snap from FxFactory)


  1. More cheesy effects. FCPX is a very capable NLE but cheesy effects like this just confirm 90% of the professional post worlds feelings about this NLE

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