EDITORS Rejoice! VidMob Launches! Exclusive Interview on The Michael Artsis Show on BeTerrific

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VidMob makes editors sit up and pay attention! Are you a video editor and having trouble finding work? VidMob looks to be an auction house where you can bid on work from around the world and work at your leisure.

The concept is simple. A user with an iPhone (or a computer) uploads video to the VidMob servers and creates a project with some instructions like the length they need, the style, and other stuff for the editor and sits back and waits for the magic to happen.

Soon after, editors begin bidding on the job.

We had a long discussion on the DSLR FILM NOOB podcast this morning about this as well. The interesting question from Deejay was whether the editors want to be editing mom and pop vacation videos for spare cash. In the Artsis interview, Alex (CEO guy) says he thinks the vast majority of jobs will be for businesses. And will this ‘devalue' the professional editor? And when you listen to the podcast, you'll hear me talk about how sites like ShutterStock have not devalued the professional photographer or videographer (they do sell stock footage now) but have actually opened up opportunities where there weren't opportunities before.

So this is very exciting time for editors if you ask me! Heck, this could be an awesome way for noob editors to build up an edit reel and get experience.

Of course there will be debates about whether this will help or hurt the industry but in my view (and as I said on the podcast), this is a great opportunity to open up new avenues for work and careers and there will always be a place for longer form and professional editing.

Heck, without me discovering ShutterStock when I was shooting photos back in the 2005 timeframe, planet5D may not exist! ShutterStock opened me to making some spare cash that eventually led to me buying a Canon EOS 5D and being inspired to start planet5D. So opportunities like VidMob may be just the right opportunity you were looking for.

In my book, this is huge!

Thanks again to Michael and the BeTerrific team for this outstanding interview and insight into a new venue for editors. You should keep an eye on BeTerrific – they're doing some awesome positive stuff.

The Michael Artsis show 11-18-2015 with Founder & CEO of VidMob, Alex Collmer

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Via BeTerrific:

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  1. great. this is whats its come down to. I guess have years of experience and a killer reel or website mean nothing anymore. Its like deathmatch but for editors. not something to rejoice about. sad commentary on the commoditization of a once valued craft

  2. watcher_skies Well you see, this is the same discussion that was had when shutter stock launched. Do you see pro photographers gone? no! Of course you’re experience and knowledge aren’t de-valued.

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