Do you have the guts to do what Devin Graham has done to “launch” your career? I bet you don’t!

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Those of you who read planet5D all the time know we've featured Devin Graham many times (way back before he was even a youtube superstar) because he was shooting on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II at the time and mainly because he was making AMAZING videos!

But you probably don't know the passion and the huge amount of work that goes into Devin's work. And when I saw this behind-the-scenes of Devin, I had to share it.

It is a little old now, but it doesn't hide the amazing effort Devin has put in to becoming an “overnight sensation” – but we all know that filmmaking is hard right?

But do you sleep on the ground overnight in the woods to get the shot?

How much are you willing to sacrifice to learn your craft?

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Our first post on Devin: “Tahiti – Ocean Voyage” back in 2011!

Devin sets an insanely high bar for anyone wanting to top him. Hope you enjoy the post but also learn from it.

Devin is a huge inspiration!

Fighting for your passion – Inside Look at what I do for a living

Videomarker's Interview with Devin Graham (Devin Supertramp)

Via Videomaker:

We're very excited to bring you this interview with Devin Graham, AKA Devin Supertramp! Devin tells us all about his workflow, how Team Supertramp earns money, why he's changed his primary camera from Canon to RED, his preference in camera support and stabilization and tons more.

Big thanks to Glidecam for connecting us with Devin!

Devin's work can be found at any of the following:

YouTube (Main Videos):
YouTube (Behind the Scenes):

Read this article at Videomaker “Videomaker's Interview with Devin Graham (Devin Supertramp)”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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