Why Didn’t I Think Of That?! Redrock’s Rhino Mount Is Unbelievably Simple And Functional

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There are some things that you have to kick yourself for not inventing. When you look at the Redrock Rhino Mount, I’m sure you get that exact feeling. It’s just the simplest, yet functional piece of kit that I have seen in a long long time. For many of us out there, it solves a very annoying space issue that you run into with 15mm rods.

Especially when mounting on gimbals or shoulder mounts, you’ll often find that you don’t have enough horizontal room to mount all you need to on your bottom mounted 15mm rods. The Rhino Mount solves this by attaching to the hot or cold shoe on top of your camera. This places a single 2, 4 or 6 inch 15mm rod at your disposal.

In a review by Bart Johnson Productions, shows exactly how functional this is while mounting a follow focus to his camera, while on a Ronin. And that’s just the beginning. The applications for an accessory like this are nearly endless, and that’s what makes it so brilliant. You’re left wondering: Why the hell didn’t I think of that?

The Redrock Rhino Mount minimalist mount for focus motors and camera-top accessories

Rhino Mount

Via Redrock Micro:

The Rhino Mounts from Redrock Micro solve the problem of attaching camera accessories with minimal added weight and bulk, especially on smaller gimbals like the Ronin-M and MoVI M5. Rhino Mounts are particularly well-suited for high-torque focus motors, where no-slip movement and rock-solid performance are critical. Rhino Mount works with any camera that has a shoe including mirrorless, DSLR, and Canon EOS Cinema. Available in 2” 4” and 6” lengths. Right now they are on special introductory price for $99 from redrockmicro.com or Redrock’s authorized resellers.

Rhino mount shoe fits

image003 handheld_rhino

Redrock Micro Rhino Mount Review

Via Youtube Description:

In this video I review the new Rhino Mount from Redrock Micro. These sturdy mounts are deigned to attach to your camera's hot or cold shoe and provide a 15mm rod extension for attaching accessories. This mount was exactly what I was looking for to prepare to add a wireless follow focus to my DJI Ronin setup.

(cover photo credit: snap from Redrock Micro)

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