The Canon 5DS Brings 8K Video To… IMAX?! Joey Blows Us Away With More PBS Cosmic Video!

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I’ve seen plenty of reviews for the new 50.6 megapixel Canon 5DS but none have quite summed up the absolute sharpness, and range of beautiful color much like the video “Creating The Cosmos” below.

The unbelievable 8k video they created has shown what’s possible with this kind of technology.

Even though this is a relatively limited application of the 5DS, it is incredibly impressive to see gear this accessible being used to it’s full potential in IMAX.

Not only does the video show off the visuals created with the 5DS it shows the complex, beautiful and detailed universes made with chemical precision. The technique has been championed by the sci-fi genre for decades, but this 8k video shows how far the technology available to you and me has come. With the proper tools one can create such videos as this in a single day. If that doesn’t excite you about modern camera tech, I have no idea what will.

On a side note: I am yet again impressed by YouTube’s ability to stream 8k video with so few artifacts. The true blacks reached in this video look dense, but perfect. With very few grayscale gradients it’s hard to tell how much YouTube’s compression crunches the blacks, but a video like this truly tests the low end. Does anyone see any artifacting that I missed?

COSMOS in 8K -4 COSMOS in 8K -3 COSMOS in 8K -2 COSMOS in 8K -1

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Via Shanks FX:

Imagine a shallow bowl filled with a liquid.

In the middle of the fluid, every molecule is surrounded on all sides by like molecules, which push and pull it equally in all directions.

But at the surface, the fluid molecules are only acted on by similar molecules in some directions.

This imbalance in molecular forces is what creates surface tension.

Petridish planets

When the surface tension is constant, the fluid surface is like a taut rubber.

Poke a hole in that sheet, and everything pulls away from the hole.

Read full article at Shanks FX: Creating the Cosmos “Petri-Dish Planets”

(cover photo credit: snap from Shanks FX)

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