Free Webinar, TODAY! Shedding Light on LED Lighting

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Filmmaker, planet5D friend and contributor Barry Andersson will be leading a free webinar on the finer points of LED lighting today at 11:30AM PDT entitled: “Shedding Some Light on LED Lighting”. As we wrote just a short time ago, LED lights have surprising differences – and as Barry will point out, these have very real implications for filmmakers.

To learn more and register, visit “Shedding Some Light on LED Lighting.

Shedding Some Light on LED Lighting


This webinar will give you everything you need to know about working with LED lights- what are the known issues, what makes them desirable to work with, mixing LED light sources with other lights, getting the proper color balance and more.

LED lights are here to stay and just because you own one doesn’t mean you know everything you need to know. Everyone, including seasoned veterans, is finding themselves back in the education arena finding out the best practices and how to most effectively use LED lights to their advantage.

Shedding Some Light on LED Lighting

At the end of this webinar you will have a better understanding of the LED technology, what types of LED lights you should consider buying (and more importantly which ones to stay away from), how to work in a mixed lighting environment and how to make LEDs play well with other light fixtures and how to get the best color and shape out of your LED lights.

What are the issues with LED lights?

  • How to correct for known issues with LED lights.
  • What makes LED lights great to use.
  • Mixing LED lights with other light sources.
  • Getting soft and hard light out of low and high output LED lights.
  • Getting proper skin tones when shooting with LED lights.

Date: October 20, 2015
Time: 11:30 AM PDT

Learn more and Register HERE.

About Barry Andersson

Barry Andersson is an award-winning director and cinematographer. His career started with live television video production and now includes many acclaimed short films, several television pilots, numerous commercials, and a pair of feature films.

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