Flickr Next in Line to Offer Virtual Reality Viewing?

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I first wrote about virtual reality (VR) in August. It didn’t garner much interest. And yet…

Google has Cardboard. YouTube has the #360Video channel, GoPro is offering a 360 rig. We’re trying to get our hands on a 360Heroes rig to explore. And Samsung offers the Gear VR.

Now Flickr is showing an “early preview” of 360 panoramas.

This doesn’t feel like it’s going away.

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Could the future of photo viewing be virtual reality? Flickr thinks so

Via Digital Photography Review:

This past weekend at the XOXO Festival in Portland, Flickr demonstrated an early preview of a ‘virtual reality experience' designed for viewing 360-degree panoramic photos. The demonstration used the Oculus DK 2 headset connected to a computer, and allowed wearers to completely immerse themselves within the panorama.



Of course, the project is still in its infancy, but Flickr hopes to one day integrate it into the service it offers, for anyone with a compatible VR headset to use. Though the finalized project could be different, current plans would make Flickr VR available for any 360-degree panoramas. This would allow users to view photos using the Oculus VR headset. Other VR headsets may also be supported, as well.

Read full article at Digital Photography Review “Could the future of photo viewing be virtFicual reality? Flickr thinks so”

Source: Engadget

(cover photo credit: snap from the Digital Photography Review)

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