When Can You Mount a Fluid Head to a Flat Plate or Bowl Without Adapter? When It’s a Libec ALX

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Libec offers a novel approach in its Libec ALX S8 KIT consisting of head, tripod and slider: a “dual head” design which is both 75mm bowl AND flat head. The advantage? The slider or fluid head can each be mounted either way, allowing the head to be attached to the slider and the slider attached to the tripod without an additional tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp. You save money, and you can unmount the slider/head combo from the tripod and go straight into low angle shots. Pretty interesting.

I stopped paying attention to tripods and fluid heads once I settled on a Cartoni Focus [B&H | Amazon]. This changed, however, once I started using a slider: The Focus head is an integrated head and bowl, and I therefore faced the dilemma of mounting the slider to the head (rather than the other way around) and then then buying another head to mate with the slider, or mounting the slider to a new bowl and then getting a new head to mount to the slider, or…

Well, there was no “or.”

I ended up getting a Manfrotto bowl [B&H | Amazon]  and a separate Manfrotto head [B&H | Amazon] with flat base because that’s a more solid solution – bowl direct to slider — and anticipating that someday I’d probably get another set of sticks and I could just screw them together if need be.

But if I’d started with the ALX (I don’t think it was available back then) I could have saved a LOT of money and been able to operate faster.

Unless, of course, I need two separate systems.

Then again, if I’d started with Manfrotto, I’d have saved a lot of money too – though it wouldn’t have been quite as versatile.

I think you need to take a closer look at the ALX system to see what I mean. In fact, apart from its novel dual head approach it strikes me as the functional offspring of the Cartoni and Manfrotto, but even more aggressively priced: $699 for tripod, fluid head AND 80cm slider.

The rest of their range – including jibs, tracks, remote heads and more – look pretty darned interesting. Visit their site to see for yourself.

Libec products are available at B&H and other retailers.

Amazing shots with NEW Libec ALX S8 KITS in Southern California and NY City – By Cinematographers Demetrius and Christina Wren

Via Libec Newsletter:

Here are some hot items from Libec this summer. We are happy to announce that the current RH25R and RH45R fluid heads will be redesigned with a new dual base structure, the RH25D and the RH45D. With this new design, RS series heads with continuous counterbalance technology will be compatible with LIBEC ALLEX sliders and other flat base equipment. The new RS series RS-250D/RS-250DM and RS-450D/RS-450DM will also be available soon.

RS-250D RS-450D

Moreover, we are happy to introduce our redesigned dollies DL-2RB, DL-3RB, and DL-5RB. All three dollies will share a new carrying-handle structure in the center section. For DL-3RB and DL-5RB, the rubber tripod attachments are now adjustable and can be used with Vinten and Sachtler tripods. These new dollies will be available soon.

Libec Dollies

For more details on new products and accessories, please visit us online at www.libec-global.com/.

(cover photo credit: snap from Libec)

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