What’s Next for the iPhone Camera?

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Apple’s fall event is scheduled for September 9th, and it is likely that the next iPhone will be announced there. What can we expect from the camera in it?

Well, I’ve gone on record in Apple’s iPhone: The Next Video Revolution this way:

At a mundane level, we can expect to see 4K video resolution (it’s already offered on some other smartphones, though a part of me really wonders why anyone would bother when most viewing will be on mobile screens – very small mobile screens – by 2016) and 12 megapixel still photo resolution (again, higher resolution is already offered on other smartphones).

I wrote that in July, and I suspect we’ll see this in less than two weeks. I also wrote:

Much more interesting – and potentially game-changing (yes, it’s an overused word, but hey, it fits): a wider focal length range within the body of the phone itself through either multiple built-in lenses or an internal zoom lens; and improved low-light sensitivity.

I don’t think we’ll see the kind of 11 lens/sensor combination that the guys at Light are working on quite yet – I’m thinking September 2016 — and I’d be pleasantly surprised if we see even a dual lens setup on the 9th. But I do think it’s likely we’ll see Sony’s RGBw sensor technology in the iPhone 6s and with it improved low light performance.

It would be nice if the FaceTime camera bulked up.

On the other hand, if the iPhone 6s has anything more complex than a dual lens setup – whoa.

So there: I’m now officially on the hook with my predictions.

For another take, here’s iPhone photographer extraordinaire Austin Mann’s predictions. I think we line up pretty well on everything except the sensor.

We’ll see soon enough!

what to expect in the iphone 6s camera

what to expect in the iphone 6s camera

Via Austin Mann:

I have quite a few thoughts on the features that will impact photographers shooting on iPhone.

If history repeats itself, the iPhone 6S will be the biggest camera update in at least two years. The 4S and the 5S marked MAJOR camera improvements, and I suspect this round will be no exception.

4K Video Capability: Yes

This will be the biggest feature to roll out. At the keynote, I expect to see an epic reel of jaw-dropping footage, shot by the world’s top filmmakers in the most remote places on earth, all captured in 4K on the iPhone.

12 Megapixel Photos: Yes

Everyone will be really excited about this, but to be honest, I’d rather have insanely awesome low light capabilities. However, the extra resolution will be really nice for cropping in post.

Optical Zoom: No

Wait until next year. I suspect we’ll see significant improvements in digital zoom, but my hunch is that anything Apple is doing with a dual lens imaging system will have to wait for an entirely new housing.

Read full article at Austin Mann “what to expect in the iphone 6s camera”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Austin Mann)

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