Virtual Reality Inches Closer To Our Everyday Life With Immersive Media’s Amazing 360 Degree Video

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Who didn’t tell me that YouTube can do 360 degree video? Why wasn’t I in the loop on this?

Well, I sure as hell am now. While many videos that we post are about the cinematography and the way that images are captured, it’s just fantastic to see videos like this. This isn’t necessarily about the camera (okay, it kinda is) and it’s not about the lighting. It’s about being there. In the moment, in a place you might never get to go, in a situation you might never get to experience.

The video takes you to many different international locales—flying over a densely populated city, surrounded by lions and hovering over a massive glacier. And you get to decide what you look at by using the AWSD keys on your keyboard. This is all about the experience created with these new technologies. As they become more available and accessible, I can only hope that networks like National Geographic and Discovery pick it up and embrace it for their documentaries. It seems tailor made for their type of programming.

Once the Oculus becomes cheap and accessible enough for consumers like you and me, we'll be seeing VR in other parts of our lives. I'm excited for that. In no way does this replace the experience of being in a location, but it gives you the opportunity to take a glimpse into a place totally outside of your daily life.

Samsung 360° GearVR Trailer

Via Peta Pixel:

There are times when videographers capture views of our world that inspire a sense of awe and wonder. Immersive Media succeeds in doing that with this 4K, 360-degree trailer for Samsung’s GearVR. Utilizing sophisticated in-house camera gear, the company takes us on an unforgettable 360° ride around the world.

To best experience this video, make sure you view it inside Chrome or in YouTube’s mobile app. You’ll be able to look around in the video using your mouse and keyboard (A/S/W/D), or by waving your phone around with the app. Be sure to increase the resolution of the video as well. Enjoy!

Read this article at Peta Pixel “Here’s a Breathtaking 4K, 360° Video That Takes You Around the World”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Then you must try the VRSE app, and especially “Clouds over Sidra”, it’s amazing.

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