WOW! RED In the LOW PRICE Category? RED Raven Priced at $5,950 With a 4K Dragon Sensor

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This could shock many of you… it does me! Thanks to News Shooter we're hearing of a low priced RED camera with a 4k Dragon Sensor?

Now I don't keep track of the RED camera line to be frank, it has always been way out of our price range and it has always felt like it was aimed at the filmmaking nerd who was really into pure filmmaking gear.

So now, with a price just about $6k, they're moving into the ‘entry level'? Of course, it will cost maybe double to outfit the rest of the camera if tradition with RED gear holds. This $6k is only for the main bits of the camera with the sensor. You've got to add on all the other bits to build it out and those aren't cheap either. They think it will come with the media bay and the Canon EF mount as well.

According to News Shooter we'll get all the details on Sept 25th (which is only 2 days away mind you) so look for more details then.

What do you think? Will this get you into a RED? Does the possibility excite you?


Via News Shooter:

Some new information has been released regarding RED’s mysterious #4K4ALL announcement. According to Jarred Land over at RED USER, Raven will be RED’s new entry level digital cinema camera. It will cost $5950 US for just the camera Brain, and the release date is unknown at this stage. The price includes a fixed SSD Media Bay as well as the fixed Canon EF Mount. Whether other mounts will be available has not been announced yet. The official announcement for the Raven will be on the 25th of September.

RED RAVEN resized

RED Raven features a 4K Dragon sensor which is 20.48mm wide, a bit shy of Academy 35mm and APS-C. According to RED all your APS-C / S35 lenses should cover. The Raven will apparently be capable of up to 120fps 4K recording. It is part of the “DSMC²” family style of camera body along with Weapon, which likely means Raven will be compatible with the same accessories. RED RAVEN will be the lightest weight camera body in the DSMC² family.

Read full article at News Shooter “RED Raven Will Feature a 4K Dragon Sensor, Fixed Canon EF Mount and Sell for $5950 US”

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  1. I’m definitely excited to hear more about the Raven. But be clear, the true cost will be more in the $10K and up range once you add the mandatory accessories like media, monitor, batteries, etc… in order to get the brain to actually capture some 4K footage.

  2. BradKremer Thanks Brad… yea, it def. will take a lot of extra cash to get this up to speed. And yet it still won’t shoot photos like my 5D3 LOL 🙂

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