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Luminous Landscape Says: It’s Only August, but Sony a7R II Will Be Camera of the Year

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Michael Reichmann, founder of blog favorite Luminous Landscape and one of the earliest champions of the Canon 5D says, “Prediction: here we are in August, I don’t know what other manufacturers are going to do, but the Sony a7R II [B&H | Amazon] will be camera of the year on virtually every web site and magazine. It is that good.” 

And while I’ve never heard him speak like this before, it is massively entertaining to watch him on video say “Finally, Sony’s user interface… is comparable to what everyone else is doing. For a while Sony’s user interface sucked. It no longer sucks.”

My only point of disagreement is that Sony’s a6000 [B&H | Amazon] already has a pretty good user interface.

But here’s the thing that really gets me going:

“ISO 100,000 is better [on the a7r II] than ISO 400 was 10 years ago.”

Holy crap.

Oh yeah, and this:

“I saw it for myself: the a7R II and the Metabones adapter autofocuses Canon lenses faster and more accurately than Canon 5 series cameras.” [bctt tweet=”Sony A7r II focuses Canon lenses faster, better than Canon's own 5D Mark III?”]

You may not be old enough to remember that before there was Microsoft Excel, there was Lotus 123 and before that there was Visicalc. Lotus 123 decimated Visicalc because they made it easy to port Visicalc spreadsheets over. Microsoft then turned around and did the exact same thing to Lotus, and – POOF – no more Lotus.

Just saying.

Have fun watching guys at least as old as me practically giggling like little boys about how good the a7R II is, even as they’re clear it’s not perfect.

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Luminous Landscape's Publisher Kevin Raber & Founder Michael Reichmann take a look at the new SONY A7R ll. Sony's latest Alpha camera is a winner!

Source: Mark Galer

(cover photo credit: snap from Mark Galer site)


  1. With it’s flawed body design that causes the camera to over-heat, I don’t see how he can make such a claim, unless he’s looking at this from a stills photography point of view only.

  2. As far as we can  see on dp review raw samples . A7RII can’t even get right colours at 800 iso .. a simple yellow is far from what we can get with a 3 years old 1Dx.. background grey is even almost green blue ??? and when we’d like to get deaper DOF or faster shuttering .. ISO are looking so poor compared to 6D or 1Dx.

    How can we call such thing an AF ? where can be selected while shooting, AF one or multiple point(s) we’d like to use to track during 5 to 10 pictures riffle ? .. 
    how can we select AF mode like with Canon keep tracking even behind temporary subject or jump to new subjects entering the frame ? 
    How can adjust with MA easily DOF around the subjects (for MX sports, dogs portrait I mostly use 2/3 front 1/3 back, but for landscape can 2/3 back and 1/3 front) 
    Are you sure light metering during 10 pictures rifle is still accurate (doesn’t look so on samples we can see on the web)
    Who wants to bring 10 batteries for a one day job ? with an old 1DX I can shoot 7000 to 8000 pictures on one battery.
    what about shooting with 300/2.8, 400/2.8, 500/4 and so on ?

    … many other aspects .. that makes A7RII looks like a toy than a solid multi purpose body..

  3. If you live on the north pole it’s a good camera. For every body else the camera gets tot hot while filming.

  4. So… Canon glass on a Sony, with metabones, is faster and more accurate then Canon glass on a 5DmkIII??? That’s a bold statement, since Canon claims the 5D has as good of an AF almost as a 1D-X (which isn’t the case but…. ) …. 
    Very curious how they ‘discovered’ that…. since a lot of sites ‘warn’ that not all Canon glass works that great on a ‘sony’  metabones… (some don’t even focus at all, according to the metabones website).

  5. Hi,
    I’m with JePe on this one.  Three reasons: 1) The Sony rep who demoed the Sony a7rII at Samys Camera in LA August 22 showed it using the FOTODIOX pro Adapter ($109.) on a Canon lens.  He half-pressed the still button and it beeped almost instantly…within a second it had focus I would guess.   I asked the Sony rep what adaptor he was using.  He said Fotodiox. I went up later to see for myself.  I assume if Metabones worked as well or better, Sony would have used it for their demo.  2) See Dave Dugdale’s comparison of the Metabones vs. Commlite’s adaptor on the Sony a7s. The Metabone is clunky on changing f/stops.  3) My friend at a rental house says flatly Metabones doesn’t work reliably enough to be on a professional shoot.   Don’t get me wrong. I don’t work for Metabones competitors.  Rather I’ve just gotten used to Steve Jobs’ Apple philosophy, i.e. when they roll something out and claim it works, it works.

  6. Not sure why Sony needed to make the body so small. They could have easily matched 5DMKIII size, potentially had less of an over heating issue, and had a physical size that was easier to handle.

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