Drones, Phones and…Automobiles? Intel & Qualcomm Battle for Supremacy

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In this installment of “Skynet is Coming, Skynet is Coming” (or is it “Dawn of the Planet of the Apps”?), we learn that obstacle avoidance in drones – and 3D room scanning by smartphones – is a lot closer than we think thanks to the commercial incentives for computer vision.

Two weeks have passed since we began posting our five part series comparing DJI’s Phantom 3 Professional to 3DR’s Solo. Yet now that we’re looking, we find that the one thing that would make the biggest difference for consumer drones – obstacle avoidance – was already being demonstrated back in January by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and German drone manufacturer Ascending Technologies.

You know, the same guy who just announced a $60 million + investment in Chinese UAV manufacturer Yuneec.

But this is not just about drones – it’s about smartphones too, as Intel races against arch competitor Qualcomm to embed computer vision into smartphones (think: 3D scanning micro drone scene in THE INCREDIBLES).

The confluence of ambitions ranging from autonomous flight to autonomous driving to augmented reality and, finally, armed drones is both exciting and frightening.

The world is going to look very different very, very soon.

Intel And Qualcomm Battle To Bring Computer Vision Into Phones And Drones

Intel And Qualcomm

Via sUAS News:

At Intel INTC +7.41% developer conference last week, CEO Brian Krzanich announced that it’s working with Google GOOGL +7.13%‘s Project Tango to bring depth sensing capabilities to Android phones. An onstage demo showed how the phone equipped with Intel’s RealSense cameras could scan a living room in 3D in just a few seconds. It was neat. And it might even give Intel have a chance to finally make inroads into mobile.

Thing is, Qualcomm QCOM +5.36% already beat them to it. Only a few months earlier at Google’s developer conference, Qualcomm came out with its own reference designs for depth sensing in phones equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile processors.

It’s clear that both Intel and Qualcomm are expecting big things soon in the field of computer vision – the term for how computers process and understand images. The technology is becoming the latest battle filed between the two chip giants as both seek to push their computer vision technology into phones, robots, drones and anything else they can think of.

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