Canon Expo 2015, Part 1: Candid Interview with Chuck Westfall

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We were fortunate to snag a pretty candid half hour with THE MAN, Mr. Canon, Chuck Westfall — Product Planning Advisor, Canon U.S.A. — at the once-every-five-years Canon Expo in New York City. Big shout-out to Chuck and the Canon team of Scott Heath and Jody Fisher for making it happen.

You’ve probably seen him in dozens of interviews at new product announcements over the years because Chuck Westfall is – at least as far as U.S. customers are concerned – Mr. Canon himself.

We were aiming for something a little different when we sat down with Chuck in New York City this past week: something a little more in-depth, a little more strategic. After all, this was the once-every-five-years Canon Expo, where Canon’s objective is to showcase not just products, but the totality of what Canon can do across many industry sectors around the world.

Chuck was very gracious with his time and we were able to cover a wide range of subjects. If I had to pick four of the most interesting topics during our half hour together, they'd have to be:

  1. where Canon is going with its lenses (big things are coming);
  2. where Canon sees the primary market for 8K (which is really about fundamental changes in the consumption of video);
  3. integration with smartphones and tablets (they’re not asleep at the switch); and
  4. the fact that we can no longer think of Canon as “just” a camera company (it is in fact a conglomerate, but we’ll hold that thought for part 2 of our Canon Expo 2015 coverage).

It is rather long at just over 32 minutes, but there are nuggets of gold in there.


And I promise you I’ve learned my lesson and the audio is rock solid. While we did shoot this on an iPhone 6 (just as the iPhone 6s was announced) – and we cropped in post because a dude on the right side seemed to be unaware we were filming or else he was subtly photo-bombing us — we used a pair of RØDElink Wireless lavs [B&H| Amazon] hooked up to a TASCAM DR-70D [B&H | Amazon] and synched in post with a little audio clean-up. Believe me, the difference was staggering.

Anyway – here you go. Enjoy!

Canon Expo 2015: Interview with Chuck Westfall, “Mr. Canon” with Nuggets of GOLD!

Big shout-out to Chuck and the Canon team of Scott Heath and Jody Fisher for making it happen.

00:00:32 A Brief History of Canon Expos
00:02:02 This Year's Pavilions (only a few of the almost dozen)
00:03:11 The 250 Megapixel Sensor
00:07:25 What Does Canon Think is Most Important in the 7D Mk II / 5D Mk III Space?
00:11:18 The Changing Market Toward Mirrorless; Canon's EOS M3
00:12:33 Is Canon Feeling Pressure at the Low End from Smartphones?
00:14:32 The Origin Story of the 5D Mk II
00:16:37 8K Camera Concept
00:21:16 Canon Lens Direction
00:27:10 Integration with Smartphones and Tablets
00:29:10 Low Light Sensor
00:30:41 You Think 4K Gives You Cropping Options?
00:31:31 Close


iPhone 6 (128G) with native camera app…
RØDElink Wireless Lav Kit (x2)
Benro A48FD Monopod with Locking Base
Mefoto Plus

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. It’s so nice to watch an interview in which a Canon representative most of the time twists the the response of the question for in the end to say really nothing… LOL.

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