Panavision Supertechno 100: A Masterpiece – But Are There Alternatives?

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This Panavision Supertechno Crane is huge; takes hard work and skill to set up; and can enable quintessential Hollywood shots impossible to get any other way. But Is that still true? The inventors of the Technocrane won Academy Awards for it 10 years ago, a lifetime in gear years.

Some of the biggest films in history have employed a Technocrane, including TITANIC, the HARRY POTTER series, the JAMES BOND series, and THE LORD OF THE RINGS series.

This thing makes big, sweeping shots possible, the very essence of “cinematic.”

Truly impressive. I love the interaction among men and machine in this behind-the-scenes setup.

And it’s true: there’s no way you could get these shots with an ARRI mounted to a DJI Phantom 3 (it wouldn’t get off the ground).

But it does beg the question: are there smaller, lighter cameras – or more powerful UAV’s – that could do the trick?

What do you think? If you were asked to duplicate the basic properties of this clip (Supertechno 100 training by Panavision), could you do it for less than $5,000? Less than $2,000?

We’re testing the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and 3DR Solo as I write this. I wonder…

Panavision 100 FEET Techno !!!!

Via Cine Scientist FB Page:

Panavision Supertechno - 100' Techno crane in use image 1

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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