Man takes 70K still photos in 15 states for epic time-lapse video

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These are some of my favorite stories. Artists who drop their normal lives for however long they can and just go out and create. Full Time Police Officer, Part Time Photographer Jeff Boyce has been shooting photography for a couple years. He said that he just picked it up as a hobby— this is his first year shooting timelapses.

While there are moments in which his work looks more amateur, the moments in which the work truly shine them. Much like how when Calbuco erupted, and miraculously, the gods placed someone there to capture it, Boyce seems to have just been in the perfect spot more than once. I’m sure that a great deal of this is due to him being prepared and knowing the weather patterns, but the romantic side of me can’t help but think that those tornadoes formed and the sun shone through at these particular points simply because Jeff was there to capture it.

Moral of the Story: Pick up your camera, and shoot. If you don’t, you’re going to miss all of the miraculous things that could happen on the other end of the lens.

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing more and more that I should drink some of my own medicine.

Edge of Stability

Man takes 70K still photos in 15 states for epic time-lapse video

Via Daily American:

A California police officer took a five-week journey over 15 states and into Canada, taking 70,000 still photos for a storm-based, time-lapse video called “Edge of Stability.”

Jeff Boyce took his trip between May and June of 2015, taking time off his “regular job” as a police officer.

“I set out in my truck with no particular destination in mind. I had only picked up photography as a hobby within the last couple years, and this was my first year ever recording or producing time-lapse video,” Boyce said in an email.

Boyce may not have set a specific itinerary, but knew he wanted try to make a time-lapse video based on the time-lapse photography of Nicolaus Wegner. Boyce said he’s always had an interest in storms, nature and traveling, so that’s exactly what this trip was about.

“Using the Storm Prediction Center outlooks, I was able to see generally where and what type of severe weather would occur during the next few days,” Boyce said. “Twitter also became a huge part of my decision-making process — following the posts of more experienced storm chasers and meteorologists.”

Read full article at Daily American “Man takes 70K still photos in 15 states for epic time-lapse video”

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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