Bullet-Time Now Possible on Smartphones with CamSwarm

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The “bullet-time” sequences in THE MATRIX series helped announce the arrival of the DSLR as a legitimate – and extraordinary – filmmaking tool. In this episode of our new series “iPhone Revolution” – or maybe we should also catalog it in our “This is Sick (but in a Good Way)” series – CamSwarm does the very same thing for smartphones.

It’s still early days — CamSwarm isn’t available on the iTunes App Store nor any of the Android app sites out there — but you can see the result for yourself: a bullet-time sequence with just four iOS devices.

Sure, it’s not ready for prime time. And just as certainly, it will be.

Just think of it: what cost millions of dollars to build and run less than 20 years ago is on the verge of costing… almost nothing.

That is the power of software and the economics of smartphones.

And brilliant, creative, driven researchers. Hats off to the team at Columbia University.

Now if we could just do this for healthcare, education, infrastructure…

I know, I know: completely different.

My bad.

CamSwarm Demo Video

CamSwarm Turns Multiple Phones Into a Bullet-Time Camera Array

Via PetaPixel:

A Columbia University researcher named Yan Wang is trying to make bullet-time imaging more accessible. With his CamSwarm technology, all you need is a group of friends who have smartphones or tablets.

Creating bullet time involves capturing the same scene with a large number of cameras from all around a subject. By playing back the still frames in sequence, the viewer is able to travel around the subject while the action is frozen.

Wang’s idea is to use a special smartphone app to turn a group of smartphones into a simple bullet time array. Once the devices are arranged in a circle around a subject, one phone is designated the leader.

Read full article at PetaPixel “CamSwarm Turns Multiple Phones Into a Bullet-Time Camera Array”

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