New Motion9 Cube Shogun Lite 15% Discount Until August 9 to Protect Your Shogun Investment

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My favorite camera cage maker Motion9 has come out with a lightweight version of its unique Cube Shogun cage for the Atomos Shogun monitor/recorder and it is named, appropriately enough, Cube Shogun Lite. So now there are two options for holding and protecting your Shogun on-set and back at the hotel or studio. Even better news is that Motion9 is running a 15%-off discount until August 9 so get in fast soon if you want one!

Motion9 is not the only company making a cage for the Shogun – Canadian accessories-maker Shape produces their own variation in the and it fulfils a smilier set of functions in holding and protecting Shoguns. I tried one out in its Atomos Shogun Cage with Handles version at the recent SMPTE2015 trade show in Sydney.

Each maker and its products will have their fans. I like the looks of the two Motion9 solutions and I have the benefit of owning and using Motion9 products for some time now and can attest at how well designed, constructed, made and finished they are. Money very well spent indeed.

In line with other Motion9 cages, the Cube Shogun Lite can form the basis of a complete system with the addition of their Cube Power Battery System for powering up your Shogun for those long days and nights on location or set. My mind is not yet made up as to which I prefer – lighter in weight or with more options as needed?

Either way, both provide invaluable insurance for your Shogun investment and make it convenient to use, carry and handle during shoots and afterwards when reviewing and rating your day’s work.

As James Miller says on the Atomos Shogun web page, “Roll on the Shogun to save us all!”, and I respectfully wish to add “Roll on the Motion9 Cube Shogun and Cube Shogun Lite to guard my Shogun!”.

The new Motion9 Cube Shogun Lite cage to protect, support and enhance your precious Atomos Shogun recorder/monitor. [bctt tweet=”New Motion9 Cube Shogun Lite 15% discount until August 9 to protect your Atomos Shogun investment.”]


CUBE SHOGUN Instructions


Via Motion9:

The CUBE SHOGUN cage is CNC machined, which allows the cage to fit Atomos Shogun monitor perfectly, and all the connectors and buttons work without any disruptions which maximizes the usage of the monitor.



Learn more about the CUBE SHOGUN Lite Here.

(cover photo credit: snap from Motion9)

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