More of the Gorgeously Detailed Same From the 50MP Canon 5DSr: This Time in Africa!

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Here with another report of just how incredibly detailed the new 50MP Canon 5DSr is, is Wildlife Photographer Denis Glennon.

It’s been clear from the very beginning how ludicrously detailed the images coming out of the 5DS and 5DSr would be, and with every new report we get, everyone’s just confirming this idea.

In this short video made by the guys of Untitled Film Works, there isn’t too much new information gleaned, but what there is a lot of is eye candy. Eye candy and hype. While these reports might not add a new angle to the conversation, it’s valuable to note that Glennon himself recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the 5DSr. He still shoots with his 1Dx for those action shots, but has that 5DSr ready to go in case you're in favorable environments.

This is the approach that most amateur photographers tend to disregard. There is a camera for everything that you do, and a great deal of the time, it’s not the hot new thing. That being said, with each new report, I’m becoming more confident in saying that the 5DS and 5DSr are going to shake things up in the Canon world.

I’d really like a processor that’s truly made for a 50MP sensor though, and I’m sure these wildlife type photographers would too. 5DSr Mk II? Coming to you in 2020.

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Canon 5DSR – an African field test

Via Vimeo Description:

With possibly the first Canon 5DSR to hit African soil, photographer Denis Glennon AO offers his first impressions of this 50MBs shooting powerhouse.

Shot by cinematographer Abraham Joffe of untitled film works.

Lenses used with the 5DRS: Canon 200-400mm 1.4x f/4.0 L and the Canon 11-24mm f/4.0 L.

Denis Glennon –
Abraham Joffe –
Shem Compion (hide builder) –

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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