Sony vs. Canon Slugfest Continues: Canon Has a Back-Illuminated Sensor Too?

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The announcements about huge bumps in megapixel count and back-illuminated sensors – along with rumors and wishlists — are coming fast and furious. It's like a title fight, with the challenger landing blow after blow againt the reigning world champion who is on the ropes and can only respond with weak counter-jabs. Guess who’s who here?

CanonRumors has just put up a post reminding us that Canon has patents “that talk about back-illuminated sensors” too –like the just-announced Sony a7R II, and that Canon is promising much better low light performance.

Fair enough.

Here’s the recent history of the two companies’ actual products in the DSLR/ILC body space:

sony vs canon

Oh, and word is now coming down that the a7R Mk II has much better auto-focus, too.

Back-Illuminated Sensor From Canon

Via Canon Rumors:

There is a lot of excitement today surrounding Sony’s announcement of the a7R II camera body. Sony has introduced the first backlit full frame image sensor, which comes in at 42.4mp.

About Sony’s Backlit Sensor:
“…the sensor’s back-illuminated structure, with an expanded circuit scale and copper wiring design, enables faster transmission speed and ensures content can be captured in high resolution without sacrificing sensitivity. Data can also be output from the sensor at an approximately 3.5x faster rate compared to the original α7R.”

Many are already wondering if this is something Canon has been working? The answer is yes, we’ve seen Canon patents in the past that talk about back-illuminated sensors.

Read full article at Canon Rumors “Back-Illuminated Sensor From Canon”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)

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