Sony RGBW Sensor in Next iPhone: Higher Resolution, Better in Low Light?

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We don’t know when, and we don’t know how much better. We don’t even know how true this rumor is. But new RGBW sensor technology to address resolution and low light performance in an iPhone is directionally correct.

There’s not much for us to grab onto here, other than that better resolution and better low light performance are major opportunities for improving iPhone imagery – and a new Sony 12mp sensor with RGBW technology is supposed to do just that.

Taken together with other developments here , here and here , it looks like Apple is committed to raising the bar for everyone.


Sony has a new 12 MP RGBW Sensor for the next iPhone

iPhone 6s Sensor Sony has a new 12 MP RGBW Sensor for the next iPhone


Via Sony Alpha Rumors:

While this news is not directly related to the Alpha World it’s still interesting to hear about Sony’s future sensor tech. reports that the next generation of Apple iPhones will use a brand new 12 Megapixel RGBW Sony sensor. The “W” stands for “White” pixels and it allows to increase the sensitivity which is a weak point of current smartphone photocameras. Usually those RGBW sensors have as a consequence that the pixels size decreased and therefore the image quality gets poorer. But Sony claims they solved this with a new kind of technology (not explained yet)

While the individual pixels of the Sony models are extremely minute at 1.12μm, the incorporation of the “RBGW Coding” function has realized a SN ratio (signal-to-noise ratio) equivalent to that of a unit pixel size of 1.4μm under conventional methods, which in turn has enables the image sensors to achieve a higher resolution at a more compact size.

Read this article at Sony Alpha Rumors “Sony has a new 12 MP RGBW Sensor for the next iPhone”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Sony Alpha Rumors)

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