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We had some awesome coverage of NAB and we had over 100,000 visitors to the NAB life blog as well!

If you happen to miss the live blog, then you also missed some special coverage we had from two volunteers, Chris Hollo and Mark Mosrie, and I wanted to make sure that you got to see those.

Unfortunately NAB was now two weeks ago, but there was so much to see and learn about that it is always good to go back and see new stuff as well.

My thanks to them for sharing their time with all of you!

NAB Wrap-Up

by Mark Mosrie and Chris Hollo

With NAB 2015 officially in the books, we thought we’d take a moment to give you our impressions of the event.

As usual, there was simply too much to see and do in the four days we were at the show, so we elected to focus our attention on the products and announcements that we felt would most interest people like us, the independent DSLR filmmakers of the world.

That meant visiting manufacturers and vendors who create products that we use — in other words, not the $20,000 editing suites and 5K or 6K cameras; but rather the more modestly priced gear, services and software that are within reach of many DSLR shooters.


Our first stop was the Atomos booth, where Heather filled us in on all the developments regarding their flagship video recorder, the 4K-capable Shogun, as well as upcoming product releases like the Power Station. We already own a Ninja Blade and love the native ProRes codec and the HD picture. The Shogun, which can be found for under $2000, adds 4K recording and features like hot-swappable batteries, dual HDMI and SGI connectivity and future support of RAW recording (via firmware updates).

Dracast LED Lighting NAB 2015

At Dracast, John Amendarez told us about the new additions to the Dracast line, including studio lighting and much-requested user modifications like output and color temperature readouts on the back of the LED 1000 lights, updated dimming technology for smooth dimming action and DMX connections on most of the lights. For the DSLR shooter looking to add versatile lighting solutions to their kits, the Bi-Color LED 1000 kits are available for around $2400 for two lights, stands and carrying cases. We can tell you from first-hand experience that Dracast makes super-reliable, rugged products that hold up under the constantly changing demands of location shooting.

SmallHD NAB 2015

Over at SmallHD, Wes shared news of their 500-series monitors, which includes the super-innovative 502 monitor and viewfinder combination they call the “side finder”. SmallHD is very conscious of the low-budget video and film content creators and they wanted to create a product that puts an HD-quality viewfinder within reach of the independent filmmaker and would work on any camera. Perhaps the best news is that there is a ton of software features that go along with the Sidefinder, including the ability to save different LUT presets and tab between them using the monitor’s built-in joystick control.

Fiilex Lighting NAB 2015

Fiilex, manufacturer of LED lighting, was showcasing their new Q1000 light head, doubling the output of the Q500 head. Other exciting news was the introduction of a range of light modifiers for the Q-series lights, including a new fresnel lens, available in 5” and 8” sizes, that Fiilex has re-engineered to transmit more light than glass and be much lighter than previous lenses. Other modifiers include a para softbox, para reflector and speed rings that adapt to any Chimera modifier. Finally, they have partnered with a third party to bring battery power to the Fiilex lighting system, which will be great news for anyone who wants to have more lighting control in remote locations without having to worry about a generator.

Color Grading Central

At the FCPWorks headquarters in the nearby Renaissance Hotel, we caught up with Denver Riddle of Color Grading Central, who was introducing Color Finale, his phenomenal color grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X. Color Finale brings telecine style grading to FCPX with 3-way color wheels, vector controls, a LUT utility and true RGB curve control. In addition to Color Finale, Color Grading Central is your one-stop resource for FCPX and DaVinci Resolve tutorials, as well as looks and clips to add visual style and interest to any project.

Note: Please see our other coverage of Color Finale here.

Audio Technica NAB 2015

At the Audio Technica booth, Evan showed us the System 10 wireless microphones, a 2.4 GHz-based collection of microphones that delivers reliable transmission and reception of the audio signal via its redundant monitoring of channels. The system features automatic one-step pairing between microphone and receiver with a simple press of a button. With its low-profile design and hot-shoe mount, the receiver is an elegant option for those looking to add a wireless option to their audio gear box.

Of course, there were thousands of other product announcements and introductions — new cameras like the Black Magic Ursa Mini and the Canon C300 Mark II; new drone technology; product updates for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe’s Premiere Pro and the list goes on and on. We hope you’ll take the time to browse the planet5D blog and see everything that was posted from the event. We’re sure you’ll find something that will pique your interest and make your next project one to remember.

NAB 2015 Movi Mimic And Alta

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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