What Has 52 Megapixels, 8 or 9 Lenses, and a Deal with Foxconn? Light?

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Maybe an iPhone 7 that kills DSLRs and ILCs. Maybe not. But at the very least, we can point to a theoretical rendering of what a smartphone enabled by technology from Silicon Valley startup Light might look like, along with a very clear link to the world’s most valuable company.

I don’t care much for camera rumors, but I am fascinated by the financial and intellectual property trail in and around Apple and its ecosystem – and what it portends for traditional camera manufacturers.

So pay close attention to what happens next for Silicon Valley startup Light and Israeli company LinX, both involved in multi-lens initiatives.

The two companies are apparently on competing missions to transform iOS and/or Android smart devices with – can we really call them cameras anymore? – technology that will deliver the image quality, light gathering capability, variable focal range capability, and selective depth of field heretofore the province of only the best DSLRs, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, and high-end dedicated vid cameras.

The two most interesting tidbits:

· Light purportedly has a licensing/investment deal with Foxconn, Apple’s go-to manufacturing partner for the iPhone; and

· LinX was acquired by Apple earlier this month.

Stay tuned!

Coming Soon: 52-Megapixel Cameras in Smartphones


Via Petapixel:

There’s a stealthy startup in Silicon Valley that’s working to revolutionize photography. It’s called Light, and one of its goals is putting 52-megapixel cameras in smartphones by next year.

The company has mostly been quiet about its technology and goals: its website is basically a landing page with a newsletter signup form, and its Facebook account has just been sharing interesting photo stories from around the Web. However, MIT Technology Review just published a first look on what Light is working on.

The Light site is sparse and enigmatic. Photo Credit: Petapixel

The Light site is sparse and enigmatic. Photo Credit: Petapixel

We now know that the company is working on building camera modules that feature an array of lenses and sensors. By combining the images captured by the different cameras, a higher-quality image can be achieved without greatly increasing the size of the camera module.

Sound familiar? The idea — and the stealthiness — is reminiscent of LinX, the company that Apple just acquired for a reported $20 million.

Read full article at Petapixel “Coming Soon: 52-Megapixel Cameras in Smartphones”


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(cover photo credit: snap from Petapixel)

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