Pixar Co-Founder & Disney Creative Chief John Lasseter: “GoPro and iPhone are Here”

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The guy who gave us TOY STORY (and so many other INCREDIBLE films, geddit?) says  of the iPhone and GoPro “[They] give a vibrancy you have never been able to have before … I think a new film grammar is going to come with these things.”

Some of you may be tired of hearing it, but we’re not tired of writing it: the iPhone is the next video revolution (you can find our latest story here).

What’s most interesting about Lasseter’s remarks at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences earlier this week is how he addressed the criticism that neither device is very good as a filmmaking tool: he used his own experience with TOY STORY and the technology he and Pixar were trying to apply — computer animation.

“Things looked kind of plastic and we thought: ’What if the characters were made of plastic? What if they were toys?’ ” Lasseter said. “And it’s one of the reasons we leaned into making toys the subject of our feature film, ‘Toy Story.’ ”

In other words: use the new tools for what they’re good at, use them when they’re the best choice to fit the story you’re trying to communicate, or change your story and objectives to fit the tools.

And then, if you’re lucky and incredibly skilled, magic happens.

Remember when people denigrated the talkies?

Of course you don’t.

Walt Disney chief thinks the future of movies is… the iPhone?

Photo Credit: HypeBeast Source: Cult of Mac

Photo Credit: HypeBeast
Source: Cult of Mac

Via Cult of Mac:

It’s easy to think that Steve Jobs’ biggest contribution to movies was his work at Pixar. In fact, according to no less an authority than Walt Disney and Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter, Jobs’ biggest lasting influence on cinema could turn out to be none other than the invention of the iPhone.

Speaking at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Tuesday, Lasseter said he can easily see a day when the big award-winning movies we watch are produced by filmmakers using only their iPhones and GoPro cameras.

“People will tell you, ‘That’s not going to work,’ but yeah, that’s going to work,” Lasseter said. “But the reason they say that is because it’s not what they are used to.”

Lasseter’s prediction’s not just the comment of someone biased by their history with Steve Jobs. As the iPhone’s camera has gotten better and more ubiquitous over the years, it’s shown up as a filming tool in more and more scenarios.

Read full article at Cult of Mac “Walt Disney chief thinks the future of movies is… the iPhone?”

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Mitch! My ‘compact kit’ (with Hero4’s and an iPhone6) is in my day pack at all times now. I’m still rockin’ the 5D3 regularly, but I’m grabbing more ‘happening NOW’ video moments than ever before.

  2. Mitch.. love the articles. I am however baffled why iPhone is always used in place of Android. I say that knowing that the combined android devices with as good if not better camera/video capabilities as the iPhone are FAR more numerous than iPhone. The S5, Note 3/5, S6 from Samsung, LG 3/4, and more can all shoot 4K video that has been compared, at least day shot video, with BM/RED cameras. Yah, I know it’s not RAW and not quite the dynamic range.. but the fact that these phones for over a year can shoot 4K and have shot 60P to 120P HD before the iPhone with better quality in most cases, and that they are more affordable and far more people own them, I don’t understand why everyone refers back to iPhone. iPhone is good too, and will be used, but just seems we should refer to it as mobile video/movie, or if anything Android video/movie making. I’d rather see it called mobile though. My kids and wife have iPhone 6 and they all hate them now. They all love my S6 and my wife misses her Note 3. Soon as I hit the lotto, I am going to eat the cost of the full price of the iPhones, get them the better Android devices, and sell the iPhones for 1/2 cost on ebay! 😀

    Anyway, don’t get me wrong.. iPhone has great camera performance now too. I just cringe every time everything related to mobile is now iPhone only as if they are the only thing capable, when the android devices have been doing it better and in the case of F1.8 lens, 4K video, etc, longer too. I think it’s time the market give credit where it’s due. iPhone is no longer the innovator. They are behind and playing catch up in most cases.

  3. justjacksonn Fair enough to have a different point of view!  Thanks for sharing it.  You are right — iPhone isn’t the only smartphone/mobile game.  But it is our favorite, and it is the one Lasseter mentioned.

  4. HughBrownstone

    I understand that, but I feel it’s kind of misleading in this arena of devices like canon, black magic, red, etc to not offer the better more capable devices like the android phones. My point being, with all the posts about canon, nikon, etc etc.. why not talk about the devices that actually do well, iPhone included, rather than do what everyone else does, which is talk only about iPhone as if it’s all that matters. The Samsung, LG and HTC, and even Sony devices have superior optics/capabilities to the iPhone, and it’s sad that many people will probably read this and think..oh.. only iPhone can do this, when other devices definitely can do it, many of which do it better. For a site that talks a lot about quality, optics, features, etc.. it’s disappointing to see something refer to a lesser capable product such as the iPhone when compared to to other devices. I know this sounds as if I am hating on iPhone, that is not my intention..it’s merely to say that this particular site focuses on so many cool tech features of a lot of devices, that it should also consider when talking about mobile to include the android devices, especially as they are more prevalent and capable than iPhone. What would be great is if we’re going to talk about iPhone and GoPro, let’s throw in some Android, Sony, and other devices if/when they come around too.

  5. justjacksonn HughBrownstone Again, a fair point — though I’d take exception to the assertion that Android phones are superior.  Don’t you think they may be superior for some and inferior for others?  That was certainly my experience, and why I switched from Android to iPhone.  But again: thanks for another view!

  6. HughBrownstone

    I should clarify, you are absolutely right.. it’s definitely opinion.. I think the iPhone is really good, my wife/kids have them. Funny enough my wife hates it now and wants to go back to her Note, and even my kids are finding it more difficult to use than their old Android phones, but they want to stick with them because their friends have them. Anyway, I can’t argue that some android devices are indeed horrible and some are really good. Overall I think the Android 5 OS has finally gotten to a place of ease of use while still having the android flexibility that iPhone lacks, but both phones are so similar in most ways it’s difficult to say one or the other is better. It really comes down to the interface not the hardware these days.

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