Incredible new smartphone filmmaking tool will knock you off your feet!

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When Barry Andersson (author of “The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook” now in its second edition) and I were on tour almost 2 years ago (gosh was it that long?), He was constantly telling me about how the smart phones are going to be awesome tools for filmmaking.

We've talked about it off and on here at planet5D (and we've got more coming!)

Well, now we're getting one step closer to smart phones being incredible filmmaking devices with the announcement of IndieVice.

We have seen lens attachments for iPhones (see our review of the iPro Lens Kit for example), we've seen Sony put out a smart phone attachment with lenses, we haven't really seen many ‘viewfinder' kinds of attachments for the smart phones, but now IndieVice plans to put all of those together into one solid unit.

The more I look at this thing, the more excited I get!

It has a lot of flexibility which is what has been missing from shooting with a smartphone. Sure, we've had lenses, but not really anything to put everything together into one fairly stable device.

And it comes in 3 colors! 🙂

Just have a look at their video and then come back here and read more (their video won't play here on planet5D unfortunately).

indievice demo video

Click to play the IndieVice video and then come back – there is no sound.

This is the first device that puts everything together for most filmmakers and it has large amounts of adaptability!

Lenses, viewfinder, attachments like lights, monitors, mics, plus a great looking handle puts everything at your fingertips.

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About IndieVice

Via IndieVice:

The IndieVice™ is the world’s first universal Smart Body for The Smart Phone™. By simply inserting your smartphone into the IndieVice™, you instantly have a professional quality camera that fully utilizes the potential of your smartphone and other mobile camera devices. With zoom-in/zoom-out technology, glare-deflector, comfortable eye-piece, flip screen technology, universal accessory mount, universal lens adapter, and all the other add-ons, the IndieVice™ will take shooting with your smartphone to a whole new level.

IndieVice image 2



This thing is really going to be flexible!



So what about starting and stopping and zoom?




And other lenses?




IndieVice image 1

The IndieVice™ allows you to keep a simple production workflow.

If you have an iPhone, no problem. If you have an Android, perfect! Shoot 4K video with your Sony. The IndieVice™ will make it tough for you to put it down. Be prepared to enter a new world, one where you have complete control. No cables. No wifi chip enabled memory stick. No transfers. Just shoot, edit, and post. Make productions faster, easier, and more professional.

The IndieVice™, bringing the filming and photography power of the smartphone to the professional arena.

Learn more at IndieVice


What are the dimensions and weight?

Right now the IndieVice is close in size to a regular digital SLR camera at 5″x5″x4″ and weighs less than ½ a pound.

What type of Smartphones can be used with it?

We’re pretty happy to say that all smartphones work with the IndieVice… even Blackberry! Tablets and mini-tablets are not supported.

How long does the battery last?

There is one battery that powers the Bluetooth Zoom, Start/Stop and Snapit features. The Bluetooth battery is self-contained and should be good for about 8-16 hours per charge depending on usage.

How many accessories are available with the IndieVice?

The IndieVice is sold with almost 100 optional accessories. Tri-pods, microphones (audio), lighting, multi-viewfinder adapters, and a slew of lenses (zoom, micro, macro, fish-eye, to name a few).

How do you zoom-in & zoom-out?

The IndieVice has a zoom toggle connected via Bluetooth to your phone. As you toggle to zoom-in and out, your smartphone receives the signal and zooms in and out. Too easy.

Why can't I get one NOW???

Unfortunately, we don’t have any IndieVice to offer at this point – there’s only one prototype in the world right now, and she has a very busy travel schedule. We’re moving forward with our manufacturing and design partners to make sure the end product lives up to it’s name, but the process does take time. We’re focused on making it the best IndieVice possible and getting yours to you as soon as possible.

How do you charge the battery?

The batteries are charged via micro-USB.

How do you take a picture while filming?

The IndieVice has a Snapit button connected via Bluetooth to your phone. As you see a shot you would like to take, a push of the button sends a signal to your smartphone. Presto, your photo is taken. Too easy.

How do you start and stop filiming?

The IndieVice has a red button connected via Bluetooth to your phone. To begin filming, press the red button. A second push of the same button stops the recording. The push of the button sends a signal to your smartphone. Presto, your shot your first film. Way too easy.

Any other questions?

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(cover photo credit: snap from IndieVice)


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