I Wanna New Sit-Stand Desk 2: Ergoprise Uprise Desk

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In Part 2 of our series “I Wanna New Sit-Stand Desk,” I plunk down my hard-earned cash (OK, debit card) on an Ergoprise Uprise desk – and assemble it. So far, so good! 

planetMitch note: I too have purchased a stand up desk, but I've gone with the VariDesk – it will be delivered next week and I'll add my own review.

Back in February I shared my experience – and lament – with a piece of IKEA furniture I’d mistakenly assumed would be a good idea for a desk (no harm/no foul, IKEA: I should have read the fine print about weight limit or lack thereof).

The good news was that it presented me with an opportunity to get off my butt by replacing it with a sit-stand desk, and after a decent amount of research, I ordered the Ergoprise Uprise standing desk with a 30” x 72” black laminate top.

The folks at Ergoprise were friendly, personable and quick, but with a desktop that was made to order it took about three weeks for the top to arrive (the base arrived less than a week after I ordered it).

And then I let the two boxes sit in my “bat cave” (as my family and I call my combo study/editing suite/hidey hole) for at least a month, maybe two.

But I allocated this past Sunday morning to put it together, as my power screwdriver and assorted bits arrived safely courtesy of UPS and my older daughter (I visited both of my girls a couple of weeks ago, and brought my tools with me as each one required an IKEA run for 20-something furniture. I finally saw the IKEA Bekant sit-stand power desk and have to admit it looked decent at a phenomenal price. But with this written, I have no regrets going with the Uprise, as its weight limit dramatically exceeds that of the IKEA and my plan was to have three monitors plus a pile of drives sitting on top.).

So here’s what I can tell you about my experience assembling the Ergoprise Uprise desk:

1) If you can assemble IKEA furniture, you can assemble the Uprise.
2) BUT: it will go most smoothly if you have a power screwdriver (to assemble the base) AND a power drill (for the wood screws used to secure the desktop to the base).
3) With this written, go easy with the power drill – you don’t want to strip the holes you create in the desktop!
4) While their instructions don’t mention the locking washers, their 8+ minute video instruction does. Make sure you read the instructions – and watch the video – twice before starting and DON'T FORGET THE LOCKING WASHERS!
5) Also make sure you’ve got a good tape measure, ruler or yardstick to ensure everything’s lined up. Remember the old adage “measure twice, cut once.”
6) The base and the desktop are both quite heavy; it’s best if you can have someone give you a hand. This is especially so when you prepare to turn the desk over – you don’t want to crush the switch or put undue pressure on the legs or screws attaching the base to the desktop.
7) According to the db Meter Pro app on my iPhone 6, with an ambient room sound pressure level of 50 db, the Uprise only added 7 db. It sounded pretty quiet to me!

Ergoprise Uprise Standing Desk Photo Credit: Ergoprise.com

As for the finished product which now holds my 27” Apple Thunderbolt Cinema display; my 23” Apple Cinema Display; my MacBook Pro 15”; and a pile of drives:

1) While not as sturdy as the late 19th century desk I had years ago (which must have outweighed the Uprise by at least 75 lbs), it’s still far sturdier than the IKEA table and seems well-matched to what I have on it.
2) Everything is solidly finished and arrived without a scratch.
3) It goes up and down very quickly with a nice “soft landing” up or down.
4) When my fitness watch just beeped and told me to get moving, I was up and standing in seconds. So cool!

So far, the Uprise is looking very good – but I’ll report back again after I’ve spent significant time with it.

And while my unit arrived with the original two button switch which you have to hold down the entire time the desk is moving, that switch is now a -$20 option; the Uprise comes standard with a multiple preset switch that Ergoprise has promised to send along.

In the meantime, based on my experience with the folks at Ergoprise and my initial reactions to the desk itself, I think I probably chose wisely, finding the optimal point on the price/performance curve.

For the moment, I wouldn’t change a thing.

As configured here (minimally configured given all the choices available), the Uprise goes for $878 including shipping. You can kit it out with a pile of stuff, but I saw no need.

Ergoprise Uprise Standing Desk Product Description

Via Ergoprise.com:

The all new Uprise Height & Width Adjustable Desk Stands Tall Amongst its Electric Desk Competitors…

With its contemporary lifting columns, this desk base will amaze you with its functionality, reliability and unique components that will define itself amongst others in the marketplace. Rather than lock yourself in any particular sized base the desk is both adjustable in height and width! The telescopes from 44.5″ wide to 74″ wide, so the base is ideal for work surfaces ranging from 46″ wide to over 84″ wide. The Uprise Desk is ideal for anyone whom wishes to sit, stand or even add a treadmill so you can sit, stand and walk at your desk.

This desk with its thee stage columns ranges in height from 24″ to 50″ (this includes a desktop). The Uprise Desk has been weight tested at 400lbs. Our base is certified at 800 Newtons per lifting column which equates to 180 lbs for a single column base, 360lbs for a two column base and 540 lbs for the 3 column desk.

With its sturdy 3 stroke lifting column the Uprise Desk moves at an astonishing 1.7″ per second. Not only will you be surprised by the speed, you will immediately not hear the normal groaning and grinding noise associated with most desk motors. This desk outranks its rivals by offering an uncompromising noise level of only 39db (whisper quiet) when being operated. The lack of noise is ideal for colabritive or cubicle settings & perfect for the home office environment as well.


* Telescopes from 44.5” to 74” which accommodates desk tops from 46” to 80” plus wide
* Speed: raises/lowers at 1.7” per seconds up to 180lbs (including table top) 1.4″ per * second at 230 lbs to 275 lbs.
* 3 stroke lifting column raises & lowers from 24” to 50.75” high
* 360 lbs lifting power
* 39dB level (whisper quiet)
* 0.06W standby power consumption (one of the most green electric desks in the market)
* Power consumption use in 280W
* Anti-collision feature
* Soft start/stop feature (least friction on the gears)
* Control Box: maximum output: 29V DC, 10.0A
* Safety Functions:
– Overheat protection
– Overload protection
– Timeout/leg unbalance protection
* Comes in black, silver & white bases
* 5 year warranty
* 3 position LED Pre-set

Learn more about Ergoprise Uprise Standing Desk

(cover photo credit: snap from Ergoprise.com)


  1. Anthony at Ergoprise tells me about 70lbs for the base and 50 lbs for the 30″x72″ desktop.  He also says the base will lift 360 lbs. (minus 50 for the top itself).  Hope that helps!

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