NAB 2015: Atomos Announces New Features Coming to Shogun Supporting Raw, Anamorphic, 3D LUTs, Cinema 4K DCI & More

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Atomos, in a move sure to bolster the position of its Shogun 4K recorder/monitor as the most affordable go-to in the market, announced seven free, wide-ranging enhancements to the Shogun's capabilities. The new features will start arriving from May onwards and include functions for which some other recorder makers charge heavily.

The Melbourne-based recorder/monitor maker has thrown down the gauntlet to other products of similar hardware and ups its profile in high-end production while amply supporting indie moviemakers who have invested in the Shogun. The ability to record raw footage in a variety of editable, industry standard file formats is a case in point. Soon, the Shogun will be recording to ProRes, DNxHR and Cinema DNG from compatible raw camera formats.

Of benefit to the many independent moviemakers who rely on the Panasonic Lumix GH4 hybrid as their camera of choice will be the ability to de-squeeze anamorphic footage to its desired 2.39:1 ratio. Very timely given recent interest in shooting anamorphic now that some optics companies will be releasing MFT anamorphic lenses over the coming months.

Adding the ability to record Cinema 4K DCI to the Shogun's current support for HD and 4K UHD will be welcomed by moviemakers working in the more-cinematic screen ratio of  4096 pixels x 2160 pixels. And there is more… [bctt tweet=”Atomos announces features coming to Shogun supporting Raw, Anamorphic, 3D LUTs, Cinema 4K, more.”]

Atomos Shogun Bolsters Support for High-end Cinema with RAW, Anamorphic, Cinema 4K – Arri, AJA, Canon and Sony Supported

Via Atomos Press Release:

Atomos continue to develop and enhance Shogun with 7 new hardware features available over the coming months which are free to both new and existing registered users.

Melbourne, Australia – 13th April 2015: After only 4 months in the market, Shogun users will receive a major creativity overhaul with their unit gaining 7 significant hardware enhancements, in addition to the 4 OS feature improvements, all of which have been announced at NAB 2015. Available via free download over the coming months, Shogun users will gain the following:

• Anamorphic de-squeeze for Panasonic GH4 and standard lenses • RAW recording to ProRes, DNxHR and Cinema DNG for compatible RAW formats • Expanded RAW compatibility to include Sony FS series, Canon, Arri and AJA • 3D LUTs on HDMI/SDI output • Cinema 4K DCI support • Uncompressed V210 support • Genlock

“Expensive RAW is no more.” said Jeromy Young CEO of Atomos. “When we see companies charge over $4000 for the RAW formats we include for free or alienate existing users by adding new features only for new users, we run the other way. We reward the early adopter just as much as tomorrow’s buyer with a steady stream of new functions for free, this is at the core of our product philosophy.”

Atomos Shogun (Hero NAB 2015)

The new features, available for demonstration at the Atomos NAB Demo boothadd thousands of dollars to the value of Shogun at no extra cost. The 7 new hardware features are described in detail below.

i) Anamorphic de-squeeze 2x, 1.5x and 1.3x Anamorphic lenses use optics to ‘squeeze’ a 2.39:1 image into a 1.78:1 ratio. With a free firmware update due at the end of May 2015, Shogun users will be able to de-squeeze monitored anamorphic content to their true 2.39:1 ratio. In addition to 2.39:1 anamorphic, Shogun will also de-squeeze the Panasonic 8:3 format. These translate into commonly used terms of supporting 2x 1.5x 1.3x anamorphic lenses.

ii) RAW recording to ProRes, DNxHR and Cinema DNG Handling RAW in high-end cinematography is vital with some cameras on the market only outputting their 4K content in RAW data format over SDI, these include Sony FS700, FS7, Canon C300MkII and C500). On the post production side, some people request to keep the RAW format for grading while others would prefer to encode to a more edit friendly format like ProRes or DNxHR with 3D LUT’s applied. The Shogun will maximise flexibility for the user with the ability to take the RAW data from the camera and record direct to RAW (wrapped as Cinema DNG) or to edit friendly Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR codecs in 4K, UHD, 2K or HD.

iii) Expanded RAW compatibility to include Sony, Canon, Arri and AJA RAW recording, until now has been both an expensive and cumbersome challenge. Individual RAW licenses that can cost up to $1995 are now available for free with the Shogun and they can be recorded to affordable, reliable off the shelf SSD from brands like Sandisk, Transcend, Intel etc. With RAW options available for Sony FS series, Canon C500, ArriAlexa and AJA CION no other monitor-recorder on the market offers more RAW recording options than Shogun. Sony FS RAW will be available from mid June, while Canon C500/ Arri Alexa / AJA CION RAW will be available from the end of June 2015.

iv) 3D LUTs on output and in recording Another free update made recently for Shogun users was the addition of 3D LUTs, covering both standard LUTs (C-Log, S-Log 2/3, V-LUT) as well as user defined LUTs in the standard “.cube” format. Up to 8 can be stored on the Shogun which can be accessed via a simple monitor button at the bottom right of screen. Not only are Atomos LUTs flexible, they are also the most accurate on the market, offering 65-point accuracy. At NAB 2015, we will announce that LUTs will be available to toggle on/off not only on the Shogun 7” screen but also out to a larger TV via the HDMI and SDI loop out. DOPs can record with a LUT applied for maximum post-production flexibility, while director’s can easily see the final image quality during review. LUTs on the output available via free firmware update end May

v) Cinema 4K and 2K DCI support Shogun will be updated to accept and record Cinema 4K and 2K DCI (4096 x 2160p) in addition to the 4K UHD and HD it already is capable of receiving (3840 x 2160p). Available via free update mid June 2015.

vi) Uncompressed 4:2:2 HD v210 support A small percentage of customers have requested uncompressed support in the Shogun, especially for green screen and specific post-production tasks. We are happy to offer this group their request free of charge. Available via free firmware update end June.

vii) Genlock The Genlock connection on the back of the Shogun will be activated via free firmware end of May 2015 to allow synchronous playback across multiple video devices. Placing the Shogun as the ultimate portable 4K play-out deck for any broadcaster or event production house.

About Atomos Shogun The latest 4K cameras are arming the Pro Video world with amazing sensors, but falling short when it comes to Recording & Monitoring capability. Shogun completes the solution for professionals, combining advanced Record, Play, Monitor and Edit capability that can be added to existing cameras. Shogun delivers 422 10-bit ProRes and DNxHR/DNxHD for Apple and Avid workflows, a 7” 1920 x 1200 IPS 320ppi monitor with an advanced suite of setup tools (3D LUTs, 2:1/1:1 zoom, focus assist, vectorscope, false color and more), XLR audio monitoring with 48V phantom power, playback capability on screen or out to a larger TV and editing capability on the fly with cut in/out points and favourite/reject tagging. Price point is MSRP US$1995 for the “Battle Ready” edition including over $500 worth of accessories or US$1695 for the “Bare Bones” unit only edition.

About Atomos Atomos exist to help creative professionals cut through technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting edge products including 4K & HD Monitor-recorders, a pocket size ProRes recorder, signal converters & power management solutions. Each product serves a different need but all share the common benefit of enabling a faster, higher quality and more affordable production schedule for video professionals.

Atomos is based in Australia with offices in the USA, Japan, China and Germany and has a worldwide distribution partner network. Further product information can be found at with the Atomos community active on Facebook (/atomosglobal), Twitter (@Atomos_News), Vimeo (/atomosvideo), YouTube (/AtomosVideo) and Videogram (

(cover photo credit: snap from Atomos)


  1. Glad I bought one. I’ve been using it consistently with my A7s and Canon prime lensesas well as the Sony 55 1.8 which I really like…very happy with results. Now if I need something different, I can rent one of the above mentioned cameras and utilize their RAW features for relatively little cost. Quite a boost. No whining from me.

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