LUMIX Luminary Michael Grecco Shoots ‘Forever Young’ with Panasonic Lumix GH4, A500 & HC-X1000 4K Cameras

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While waiting with bated breath for a long-overdue firmware upgrade for the GH4, hopefully to appear during NAB 2015, we’ve found something else to focus on.

Panasonic USA has just released ‘Forever Young‘, a short movie shot by LA photographer/director Michael Grecco with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 as prime camera, supplemented with the Panasonic A500 4K action cam and the HC-X1000 4K camcorder. And that’s not all, folks.

Michael Grecco and Panasonic USA have called in the big guns to support their doughty, lightweight little GH4 in shooting ‘Forever Young’ – Hot Rod Cameras, Convergent Design, Zacuto, DJI and CW-Sonderoptic for their truly amazing Leica Cine lenses. As a former Leica M-series shooter during my print publication days, I know the value Leica optics bestow and would love to own a set of Leica lenses again. One day!

Such fond dreams aside, let’s focus on the present and the amazing capabilities of the GH4 especially when coupled with some excellent ciné lenses, stabilizers, monitors, recorders and rigs. Panasonic USA’s #LumixLounge page on ‘Forever Young’ lists all the gear used in its production and there is a BTS movie as well.

And don’t forget to view ‘Forever Young’ at 4K on a 4K TV or a 5K iMac as I did, if you can. Bear in mind though that Youtube’s current rendering of 4K files – choose the 2160p (4K) quality option – could still do with a little improvement. And now for your viewing pleasure, over to Panasonic USA!
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Panasonic LUMIX Forever Young in 4K by LUMIX Luminary Michael Grecco

Panasonic LUMIX Forever Young by Michael Grecco Behind the Scenes

Via Youtube Description:

This is a behind the scenes video of the Panasonic LUMIX “Forever Young” short form video by LUMIX Luminary Michael Grecco. Forever Young demonstrates the wide range of 4K recording devices offered by Panasonic, featuring the LUMIX GH4 Mirrorless 4K camera, 4K wearable A500 POV adventure camera, and the 4K X1000 advanced camcorder.

Forever Young was a cooperative effort employing Panasonic’s 4K imaging products in concert with hardware partners DJI, Zacuto, Convergent Design, Hot Rod Camera’s Micro Four Thirds PL lens mount and Leica Cine Lens supplied by CW Sonderoptic. See Forever Young at the LUMIX Lounge #LumixLounge

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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