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Sound Advice Tour with Academy Award Winner Frank Serafine

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MZED has it pretty well sorted: put accessible star practitioners who also happen to be great educators in a room for a full day with enthusiasts and pros eager for “the knowledge” – and then let it rip. Next up is Frank Serafine's Sound Advice Tour.
From STAR TREK (the motion picture) to TRON, POLTERGEIST II, and THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER — plus many TV and commercial gigs across a decades-long career — sound effects maestro Frank Serafine has enough credits and scar tissue to last several lifetimes.

And now he’s ready to share some of his hard-won knowledge in the latest tour from MZED, the folks who have already brought us The Art of Visual Story-Telling with Alex Buono; Directing Motion with Vincent LaForet; The Cutting Edge Tour with Adam Epstein; and the Illumination Experience with Shane Hurlbut.

We’ve attended and/or reported on all of these events, but what makes the Sound Advice Tour especially interesting to me is something Adam Epstein, editor for the Saturday Night Live Film Unit, said during his Cutting Edge tour: at least half – and probably more – of what makes or breaks a film is sound.

And as a still photographer who has migrated to moving images, sound continues to flummox me way too often.

I’m betting that Mr. Serafine’s event will operate at the same exceptionally high level of every other MZED event, and I plan on attending his Philly stop.

The Sound Advice Tour is priced at $299, but for a limited time you can get a $20 off  early bird discount by using the code SATEB20 (it expires midnight this Friday).   I expect that they’ll also offer DVD’s of the event if you  make it – but if there’s any way you can, go! [bctt tweet=”Sound Advice: Attend Frank Serafine's Sound Advice Tour”]

The Sound Advice Tour with Frank Serafine, Audio for Filmmakers, Broadcast, & the Web


Via MZed:

Hearing is our most prominent sense. Unlike the visual, sound is a 360-degree omnipresent experience that surrounds us constantly. On The Sound Advice Tour with Frank Serafine you will be exposed to a comprehensive overview of every role sound plays in a film, web, or broadcast production. Designed for filmmakers, editors, and aspiring sound engineers, this all-day workshop will cover techniques and tools that will expand your skills and give you a solid foundation for the effective use of audio in all of your projects.

Sound Advice Tour

Workshop Overview

Sound Recording (3 hours)
Here’s where it all begins. From scouting locations, to mic choice and placement, to field and studio recording, to recording in stereo or surround, proper recording sets yourself up for success. You’ll learn not only how to select the proper equipment, but also how to utilize it for the best possible results. Plus, you’ll learn how to identify problems in the field and how to minimize their effects during recording so you won’t have to spend time fixing it later in post.

Sound Editing (1 hour)
Audio formats, proper dialogue editing, ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement), organizing metadata, and how to level sounds are all covered in this section. A comprehensive overview of and tools and techniques for fixing audio problems in post, including tools that “Photoshop” audio will add powerful skills to your arsenal. Editing in surround will be covered, as well as proper studio design, room tuning, and how to choose speakers and headphones to give yourself a solid platform from which to edit.

Check out the rest of the workshop content at MZed “Sound Advice Tour with Frank Serafine”

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