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How to Keep an Idiot In Suspense: The RED WEAPON Upgrade Rumor Mill

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I already feel like an idiot way too often when I think about how much I don’t know, but when a highly regarded camera manufacturer announces a breathless update with an uber-cool name (in this instance The RED WEAPON upgrade); a whole lot about relative upgrade costs and timing; and almost NOTHING on the specifics of the upgrade itself other than, essentially, “it’s smaller,” I feel even more stupid – for paying any attention to it at all. Call it the Ghostbusters effect: I feel slimed.

For a moment, I thought to myself (as I tend to do these days), “hey, another company taking a page out of the Apple playbook!” — though this time the hints and whispers about some new awesomeness were coming from the already super-cool brand, RED Camera.

Wait a minute.

I just read 1,800 words about this new awesomeness, the RED WEAPON. At the end of it I knew virtually zero about how the upgrade will allow anyone to do new things with the camera – yay, it’s smaller and has WiFi?

What happened to the concept of benefits?

After reading those same 1,800 words, I DO know that I better hurry up and jump on the bandwagon because a) the RED WEAPON upgrade will only be compatible with cameras already upgraded to DRAGON; b) EPIC owners will only be able to upgrade to DRAGON until sometime this summer; and if I want the best upgrade price, I need to upgrade to DRAGON before NAB.

Or – at least PAY for it in time (you can do the physical upgrade later).

Man, my PKE meter is going NUTS!

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To be fair: I’m not the target market; I’m not knowledgeable about the camera; and I’m confident I do not have the skills of even a below-average RED operator.

But does this actually change anything?

What do you think?  As rumors go, is this RED WEAPON upgrade whisper par for the course (about the same as the DSLR/ILC crowd); better; or worse? [bctt tweet=”Worst camera upgrade rumor-mongering EVER (YMMV)”]


RED Has Announced a New Camera Upgrade for DRAGON Sensors Called WEAPON

Via No Film School:

Jarred Land of RED has been teasing what some thought was a camera accessory, but has now been unveiled as a camera body upgrade for all DRAGON sensors.

The new WEAPON camera is going to be a paid upgrade announced at NAB, and will only be compatible for those who've upgraded to DRAGON. Jarred mentioned that both EPIC DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON will be able to benefit from the upgrade, but it's unclear how much of a price difference there will be between the two options.


Red Dragon Weapon [Update 2]: Looks like the WEAPON brain itself will be about the same length as the current EPIC brain, but can actually be shorter depending on the modules attached. That means there will be no ENG-style clone of ALEXA/F55 coming from RED. There will be different I/O modules that give various configuations of HD-SDI/HDMI, etc. The picture below was recently posted (I brightened it slightly), and it shows what Jarred called the Legacy I/O module, which has HDMI, HD-SDI, and what looks like Mini-XLR. It also looks like the side of the camera has controls and an LCD, possibly for controlling the camera without needing a touchscreen (though we do know the camera will have WiFi).

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The current monitoring solutions will work on the new camera with an adapter:

Read full article at No Film School “RED Has Announced a New Camera Upgrade for DRAGON Sensors Called WEAPON”


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  1. Well… You are wrong here. Apple does not annouce products before releasing them or at least having a demo (Apple watch). It is all the followers community around Apple that produces the actual noise.
    Actually Apple is probably the most secretive company in the business.
    On the opposite RED has been keeping announcing products that were never released like the low end Scarlet or the projector. The released products were years late and it keeps the strategy of producing noise.

  2. Gepo  I’d say Apple is masterful at working that community, but I take your points!

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