Film as a Weapon for Social Change: We Need to Give a S^!t

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Is social change important to filmmakers?

Gearheads that we are here at planet5D, we were motivated to watch an uber-cool short involving a BACK TO THE FUTURE-style Tesla Model S tooling around Boulder and Denver with projectors popping out of the front and back of the car like – no, wait, let me change the comparison – something out of a James Bond flick.

The short is called PROJECTING CHANGE IN COLORADO. But within seconds, it succeeded in its actual mission and became something much, much bigger than entertaining eye-candy. Filmmaking in the service of a higher purpose — seeing the world in which we live more clearly, in this case — is truly inspiring.

Please: watch this film and the trailer for the film it highlights — RACING EXTINCTION – and then retweet the heck out of it.

You know how we sometimes say “yes, it’s about the gear, but no, it’s really not about the gear?”

This is one of those times.

On a whole other level.

PROJECTING CHANGE IN COLORADO follows a customized Tesla outfitted as a mobile projection booth through the streets of Boulder and Denver. [bctt tweet=”RACING EXTINCTION: there have been 5 major extinctions on the planet; this may be the 6th.”]

The car highlights the message of RACING EXTINCTION, a documentary debuting in Colorado at the Boulder International Film Festival: we need to recognize that we’re allowing people to do to terrible, perhaps irreversible, thing to our planet.

And DO something about it.

Both films are incredible.

“There have been five major extinctions on the planet; this may be the sixth.”

Please, planet5D readers: retweet and repost the heck out of this right now.

We thank you.


Projecting Social Change in Colorado

Message from Jon Brumbaugh:

We partnered with the Oceanic Preservation Society and Academy Award winning Director Louie Psihoyos to create this short, which played before the Boulder International Film Festival debut of his latest film Racing Extinction.

We filmed over the course of 3 nights and edited the entire piece in 24 hours. We utilized the CAME 7500 once again with the Sony a7s, which we cranked up to 80,000 iso for the last scene in the mountains.

Via Vimeo Description:

The highly-anticipated film Racing Extinction ( made its Colorado debut at the 2015 Boulder International Film Festival ( Racing Extinction, directed by Academy Award-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) is a project of the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) that features an unlikely team of activists and innovators that hatch a bold mission to save endangered species.

To illuminate the documentary's important mission, the festival brought the ‘undercover mobile eco-projection' vehicle from the film to inspire the communities of Denver and Boulder. We were asked to film the car's special visit and created this video for BIFF's Closing Night to recap the experience.

The custom Tesla Model S ( made for the film is a modified electric car designed and engineered by Obscura Digital. The state of the art technology includes an electroluminescent paint job from Darkside Scientific, a FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera that enables visualization of C02 emissions and a customized video system that projects clips and images of threatened species on large-scale surfaces.

Projecting Social Change in Colorado

Screen grab from the video

All footage captured and edited by Jon Brumbaugh and Katie Stjernholm of Balcony Nine Media. | | | [email protected]

Music: ‘First Snow' by Emancipator.

Special thanks to The Twisted Foundation and LTSTBS (Life's Too Short to be Stingy) for their generosity in bringing this experience to #2015BIFF.

Thanks to the BIFF team and volunteers who worked to make this possible:
-Scott & Joellen Raderstorf
-Brian Bishop
-Kathy and Robin Beeck
-Kevin Smith
-Morey Bean
-Jim Robb
-Maddie Szobel-Wolff
-Savannah Clements
-Grace Borchers
Jackie Zampella
-Audi Boulder

Thanks to Racing Extinction & the mobile projection vehicle team:
-Louie Psihoyos
-Gina Papabeis
-Leilani Münter
-Daniel Wright
-Tom Sepe
-Matt Stamm
-Okeanos – Foundation for the Sea
-Vulcan Productions
-Obscura Digital
-Photo Ark
-Electroluminescent Paint by Darkside Scientific
“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” -Jane Goodall

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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