The Shoot Strap: A Magnetic Camera Strap Strong Enough to Suspend a Sofa?

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Before there were garage-based startups in the U.S., there were cottage industries in the UK (yeah, OK, and in a bunch of other places, too). In this  installment of our occasional series on Kickstarter projects, we interview Nathan Hughes of Restrap, a small family business in Yorkshire, England and makers of the novel –and magnetic — Shoot Strap.

The first question that came to mind when we heard about the Shoot Strap consisted of one word: “Magnets?” The second question was a variant of the first: “Is anyone going to trust their gear to a magnetic camera strap?”

So we got in touch with Nathan, scheduled a Skype interview, and asked.

And then we went deeper, going beyond the product to the Kickstarter project itself, from ideation to sourcing and marketing. At one point he was gracious enough to pick up the iPad he was using for our interview and show us around his small shop.

We liked Nathan very much, and like what he’s doing – most, if not all, the component pieces for the strap are made within 50 miles of Restrap, and assembly – even some of the sewing – is done right there, on site.

As soon as they start shipping, we’ll try to get one of these straps in-house so we can see for ourselves just how well it works.

In the meantime, they’ve already surpassed their goal, and we’re happy for them. [bctt tweet=”Is a magnetic camera strap really strong enough to hold our gear?”]

planet5D Restrap Shoot Strap Interview

00:10 – Intro
01:39 – Welcome
02:25 – The Shoot Strap Itself
02:41 – How Do You Address Worries About the Magnets’Strength ?
04:19 – How Did You Come Up with The Idea?
05:21 – What MarketResearch Did You Do?
06:34 – How Did You Decide Price?
07:21 – How Did You Come Up with the Kickstarter Rewards?
08:20 – How Long Did it Take from Idea to Product?
09:22 – How Did You Plan for Kickstarter Campaign Itself?
10:52 – Tell Us About Your Social Media Campaign for This
13:01 – How Did You Decide to Manufacture Locally?
14:43 – How Do You Address Concerns About the Magnets WeakeningOver Time?
15:10 – Tour of the Facility
16:36 – How’s the Kickstarter Campaign Going?
17:20 – How Will You Use the Funds?
18:12 – So: What Exactly is Manufactured Locally?
18:46 – Closing Comments


“SHOOT” the magnetic camera strap by Restrap

Restrap gif

Via Kickstarter:

Drawing on our years of design and manufacturing, we set about solving the problem. After hours researching, designing, testing and refining the prototypes, we have perfected two complementary straps.

We’ve created two products, each solving a specific problem: a sling (to be worn around the neck or over the shoulder) and a wrist strap. Each design features our revolutionary magnetic connection system.


Shoot Strap by Restrap

The Shoot supports your camera, gives stability to shots, and easily adjusts to suit the wearer’s movements. Your camera is there when you need it for that perfect photo opportunity. Fully adjustable for all.

Shoot Mini

Shoot Strap by Restrap

The Shoot Mini can be worn on the left or right wrist. Wear it tight to give extra stability when shooting. Wear it loose to give complete access to your camera’s controls. It’s perfect for providing camera security when shooting on the streets. Fully adjustable for all.

Learn more about the The Shoot Strap in their Kickstarter Campaign page.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)


  1. Fostering cottage industries manufacturing well-crafted products within your own nation and community is something to be applauded, not apologized for. If you are from the UK, being Anglo-centric makes perfect sense. Hopefully consumers will eventually learn value of something instead of the cost of everything. You get what you pay for.

  2. Clever…. I’ll give you that. But I seriously doubt that anyone would entrust their
    1D with an expensive lens to such a rig. Maybe yur point and shoot? But not
    a DSLR.

  3. Charles O Slavens We’re going to find out, Charles!  Thanks for the input.

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