Rumor Update: Canon EOS C300 Mk II Will Have 4K, Aggressive Price

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Oh, if it only turns out to be true!

A Canon EOS C300 Mark II spec’d to take on the Sony FS7 – and maybe even entice shooters contemplating a Shogun-equipped A7s for 4K — would be a pretty dramatic statement from Canon, amounting to something approximating, “Oh yeah? Well take THAT!”

To top it off, one man’s opinion (and I usually find myself a statistical outlier) is that the C300 has a much more appealing form factor than the FS7 for someone coming from the DSLR world.

Finally: it would make sense. Canon’s latest moves – de-emphasizing video on the 5Ds to make it more of a stills camera; not giving the 7D Mk II the focus and exposure assists that are de rigeur on its Sony and Panasonic competitors; dropping the price on the 1DX and C100 as if they're going out of style (at least one of them already has); and making the C100 Mk II what the original C100 should have been all along – all point to ceding the high middle ground of hybrid DSLRs while directing people upmarket to their Cinema EOS line. And in order to entice more people upmarket, Canon simply has to get more competitive.

Then again, if the C300 isn’t 4K and doesn’t compete aggressively on price with the FS7, this Mk II is likely to be another yawn. [bctt tweet=”Will Canon Do The Right Thing With the C300 Mk II?”]

I wouldn’t bet on another yawn. It’s simply too important for Canon to get this right.

More Confirmation EOS C300 Mark II Will be 4K

Via Canon Rumors:

We’re told again that the upcoming Canon EOS C300 Mark II will be 4K along with a host of other upgrades. You can expect the C300 Mark II to be a bigger update than the EOS C100 Mark II was to its predecessor. We’re also told it’s going to be priced very aggressively, to better compete with Sony’s FS7 which is $7999 USD.

Expect the Canon EOS C300 Mark II to be announced before NAB 2015 in April.

EOS C300 Mark II

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)


  1. Canon can’t afford to just be playing catch-up with the other 4K cameras.  They need to be making quantum leaps!

  2. This is a big camera release, more or less make or break especially with the FS7 and very popular hybrid mirrorless cameras from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. If this camera isn’t 4K internally it is dead. It needs to be pretty much Canon’s version of the FS7 not just in spec, but in price. I’m also hoping they drop the C100 MKII a bit in price as well and have a firmware update to unlock 4K via HDMI out on that camera. Do that and they’ll sell plenty of both these cameras. Add in a lower priced (rumoured) 5DC video DSLR as an entry level Cinema EOS offering with 4K and similar features to the GH4/A7S etc… then Canon may finally start getting back on track.

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  4. enottingham I wonder…is it possible catching up would be good enough?  I’d wager that’s what they’ll do.

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  6. IT would really have to be a MAJOR upgrade since the C300, a camera I love, it only does one thing, it does it extremely well but it is one thing in one flavor.
    As others have stated Panasonic and Sony have made it very competitive so Canon MUST step up to the plate.
    but the question remains…IF they indeed do match the FS7 etc…will it be enough? or will it be too late? 
    because as of now they have lost A LOT of people.

  7. PaoloMugnaini That IS the question, isn’t it?  Still, Canon dominates the market.  With this written, you can anticipate Sony becoming even more aggressive over the next couple of years.  We’ll have a post on that shortly!

  8. I still really don’t know why I need 4K. I’m not trolling here, I’m really asking the question. What is your workflow and storage / back-up routine? Are you really editing in 4K? Are you really buying 4K monitors? Where is anybody going to see your 4K masterwork, in 4K? 

    This seems to me, along with 6K and 8K the new “everybody needs to shoot 3D” form a couple of years ago.

    Again, real question. Looking for real answers.

    Thanks for your time.

  9. GreggMcNeill Not trolling at all, Gregg.  Not to be a spoiler alert, but check out planet5D’s ebook on 4K, to which yours truly made a minor contribution.  Two counterpoints, though: 4K down-res’d from a GH4 looks better (to many people’s eyes) better than 1080 from even a Canon C300; and some people are beginning to ask for future-proofing (no one I know personally, it must be written).  3D goes beyond 4K in complexity because the effect has an impact on how the story is told — but in essence, I agree with your premise.

  10. GreggMcNeill Certainly not trolling and it is a good question and people will give different answers. It does seem a topic that brings a lot of voices as well to the table (though seemingly often just bashing Canon for not as yet having an affordable 4K camera). 

    I do have a GH4 and compared to my friends 5D MK2 and MK3, it is much sharper even shooting 1080P let alone downscaled 4K. The advantages of 4K are really for more post options on a shot. Shooting an event for example, you can shoot it on a wide shot and crop in to a medium and close up and it still remain sharp. I do see people saying clients are asking for 4K. Certainly not here in the UK, we’re still lucky if people have internet good enough to stream 1080 let alone 4K! I also don’t believe the people that are saying 1080 HD will be as dead as SD in a couple years and replaced with 4K.

  11. paulcryer The cropping is the first real reason I’ve seen for shooting 4K right now. As far as “future proofing your project, when you crop in with your 4K footage, aren’t you then compromising your 4K delivery? 

    When you’re shooting on your GH4 in 4K, how much footage are you getting on a card? 

    I imagine that shooting a live event in 4K has to be a bit of a data management challenge, unless you’re investing heavily in cards (CVP here in the UK has the 512GB SDXC cards at £430.00, or $650.00). 

    What are you using for an Archive / Backup methodology?

  12. I Agree with 4k premise. I really dont want to deal with 4k hype but was recently asked for 4k by a client (a juicer for China) to shoot the commercial in 4k. Had to rent 1dc with cards from lensprotogo and due to weather almost didnt get here. Perception is everything with agency client so i wasnt showing up to set with a gh4 or a7s.

  13. Scoularimage Interesting comment about perception. I know a pretty heavy hitter who has traded his bigger guns for the A7s.

  14. Im sure You are right. I live in south florida . Clients who dont do this every week and are dropping $10-50k total budget . To them that is a tremendous amount of money. They know the word 4k & red. when my rate and the camera budget is only $2k im not renting a red package or an a7s. But thats just me.

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